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    not growing

    thank you, but it is strange my normal hair is not growing back to the same is was before the operation, do you have some experienced with this ? if my hair is coming back or will be permanent what is the chances ?
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    not growing

    Hi, I had my hairrtransplation done seven weeks ago. A short introduction: I had surgery don to cover the top part of my head (moon) and small parts on the front. I had the surgery done in istanbul Hair center. I need advice, all the hair I already had in the front is not coming out, -and also on the top (moon) its not coming out. Not even the hair I originally had is growing. Just before the surgery, I had all my hair cut down to the same level. right now , I do trim my hair, to keep it level. It has now been 7 weeks, and I need to know what are the reasons for this? I have uploaded
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