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Can you give us a little more information? By the picture, it looks like pimples which can occur a couple months after surgery as activity is going on under the scalp preparing for hair to pop through the scalp. However, it could potentially also be a case of folliculitis. This infection typically goes away by itself, but can also be treated. Be sure to consult your hair transplant doctor and get his/her medical input.


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Thanks for getting back to me, sorry for the delay. In some spots it is red and tender due to pimples, which I know are normal. I then have some red blotchy spots that I am guessing are just trying to heal on there own. Then in other spots it is still red where my transplanted grafts are....still. Nevertheless I was concerned to the point where I went back to my doctor on Friday and they said that this is normal, especially with someone who has had multiple procedures. The doctor said that there is more scar tissue on the head of a patient who has had multiple procedures and its harder for the hair to find its way back to the top of the scalp. Hence the increase in amount of pimples. But ultimately he said it was common and that it is normal. Just to be on the safe side (i have a history of impetigo from things such cuts from shaving), he gave me a prescription of Erythromycin just to be on the safe side. IF you were me, would you find relief in this professional opinion?

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