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Iain Sallis - Trichologist


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Does anybody have any experience with Iain Sallis?


I have a consultation booked with him for next week regarding early signs of hair loss.


Would I be better off seeing Dr Reddy or Farjo?


Thank you.




Iain's website is **outside link removed by moderator**

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I've never heard of this particular provider, so I really couldn't offer input. However, I am familiar with both Dr. Reddy's and Dr. Farjo's work, and I would highly recommend consulting with both. You can see Dr. Lorenzo at the Farjo clinic as well.


Good luck!

"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"


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All opinions are my own and my advice does not constitute as medical advice. All medical questions and concerns should be addressed by a personal physician.

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I saw ian sallis. He showed me pictures of how much balder i might get and sold me minoxidil (which just grew hair on my face, but not my head). He also said that after a blood test to rule out various deficiencies/conditions (which I had to get my gp to do) it was simply a case of my gp prescribing the recommended drug (spironolactone) and then I would regain a large percentage of my hair. My gp was very annoyed. He said that sallis was not medically qualified and that no doctor would prescribe that drug for hair loss. So ?200 spent for nothing! If not too late, I would cancel your appointment.

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Dear Pixie


Firstly apologies about the delay in seeking this forum!


I am sorry to you had such a negative outcome from your consultation with me, I make it a priority to ensure I listen carefully to all my patients concerns.

Unfortunately I cannot comment directly on your case as the feed is anonymous however I will say this in my defence:

I do not make a profit from the sale’s of Minoxidil at the Manchester clinic (located at the Farjo hair Institute), I would have advised this because it would have been the correct treatment for you, not because I wished to fleece for for cash…unfortunately Minoxidil is not available on the NHS and so can be expensive and in some cases people do suffer from side effects such as facial hair growth (we do not know who until they try it).

The blood tests are imperative to the health and state of a women hair as many types of hair loss can be caused by simple micro-nutrient deficiency (which can be easily corrected if noticed).



As for Spironolactone, this us used extensively for PCOS, Hirsutism and other hormonal disorder which have the side effect of causing genetic hair loss in women, it is one of the few medications available to GPs and dermatologists which can make a difference, (strangely enough this would have also countered the facial hair caused by the Minoxidil) unfortunately GP’s can ignore my advice and sometimes feel threatened if they know little about a problem.

In such cases I would have expected you to give me a call (all my patients have my direct number) and I could have argued your case further.

Trichologists are not medically qualified, however, we do have a far better understanding of the medical issues causing general hair loss than many medically qualified GP's.


Although this feed is several years old, I would still like to hear from you about your ongoing issue, I still count you as a patient and will do my upmost to help!.




Iain Sallis

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I didn't even know reddy did work i thought he just sold finasteride lol let us know how it goes

There is a Dr Reddy in the States that sells Fin. Dr Reddy at the Private Clinic, Harley street is among the top fue surgeons in the world. Well....my results are amazing and people can't believe it.

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