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Not cueball - but dropping Fin.

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Are there any pics or experiences here, of people who just had moderate scalp coverage, just to avoid the cueball look?


For me this is quite an interesting and realistic goal. Especially if doner area is not great.


Reason i ask, im about NW3 with alot of thinning on top. Been on FIN for 3 months, and have just lost my libido completly. Its night and day differnce.

As much as i believe it will work, im questioning the cost on my sex life.


So - whats the chance of having say 50% density on top, once i eventually loose it all by having HT's, and dropping FIN. Then just rocking the buzz look and still having stubble on top.


Please note, i really have faith in FIN, but its 3 months now and i never have random boners anymore, its that simple. (Im 31, and had plenty before) so im starting to question my prorities. However, this maybe a halfway house solution..



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