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Deciding between FUE and FUT. NEED HELP

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Before I go on, I want to say I have been doing extensive research these last 8 months. I've decided to go with Dr. True & Dorin after meeting with Dr. True on two seperate occasions.


He said I will need about 1600 grafts. I have apretty bad receding hairline, and my crown is very thin and a bald spot is really starting to form. Besides that, using Toppik has concealed that and I've been putting my front hair to the side.


Anyway, I am ready to make an appointment with Dr. dorin, but am TORN between FUT and FUE. I don't plan on shaving my head in the future (which is why I plan on surgery) and I never have had a pure crew cut in my entire life. I don't mind my hair being longer in the back and having the scar, which from Dr. Dorin's work, seems to be very hidden beneath the hair.


I also have read that with FUE, if I go forward with a second procedure in the future, the grafts will not be as good as with FUT.



Can I have some opinions please whoever has used Dr. Dorin or Dr. True, or anyone who has had a hair transplant and which they used.


I've been very depressed for over a year about my hair, and I think I just need to take the plunge, but it's a big step.

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I take fin and Prop -both for probably 5 years with no noticeable sides. I hear your pain and just wanted to give you some encouragement as the 900+ graft FUT is the best single thing I've done for my appearance and peace of mind. No more staring at myself in the mirror before work calculating how much worse I look today then yesterday. Alls I can say is do your full research, ask your doctor to map out their plan before surgery day -I can't emphasize this enough.


Best O' luck!

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