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Cant decide 1.5 Month Post Op After Rahal

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I am not sure how valuable my progress updates are at this stage since they are not accompanied by pictures but I am giving them every so often anyway in case some find value in them. I will start posting updates with pics around the 4 month mark.


Right now, I am a few days shy of 1.5 month post op. I have had more donor shock loss just as I did after my first procedure. No issue for me as I know it will all grow back like it did last time. The scar is still more red than I would like but I can see the scar line for the most part. I am pretty certain that the scar is not stretching at this point. I don't think I will end up with the dream scar I had after my first procedure but I do think this scar will turn out fine.


Non donor shock loss is hard to judge at this point.


The recipient area is a faint pink and many of the hairs have still not shed. Some are growing and some not. By now, I shed many more after my first procedure.


My native hair is taking its sweet old time to grow back and I am not anywhere near my pre-op stage look. The native hair growth did start to pick up at one month so I am happy about that. I hope that by 2 months, that I am at least 75% back to my pre-op condition (Besides the scar which will take much longer)


All in all so far so good. Just getting inpatient and hoping for the best. I have a major work function to go to in late October so I am hoping by then, I am a better looking "Ugly duckling" because it aint pretty right now :)


Take Care Gents

My Hairloss Web Site -


Procedure #1: 5229 Grafts with Dr. Rahal Oct, 2010

Procedure #2: 2642 Grafts with Dr. Rahal Aug, 2013


7871 Grafts



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It's tough going through the first 3 months. I don't believe there's much to write home about until 4 to 5 months post op so I agree pics aren't necessary. Hang in there and it'll all be worth it in the end.

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