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fustrated cant see doc farjo untill end of july

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That's not overly surprising. It's already almost April and the end of July is only 4 months away. Many leading clinics are booked solid for several months in advance. But like Spex said, I too suggest sending a private message to "Mick McHugh" who can hopefully clear things up for you.


I hope you understand that hair transplant surgery, while it can certainly help restore lost hair, will do nothing for the progression of male pattern baldness. Thus, if you are losing hair due to genetic hair loss and want to do something about it, I'd suggest considering proven medical treatments such as Propecia and Rogaine.


Best wishes,



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I spoke to Mick some weeks ago and he mentioned how busy they are at the moment.

Try not to stress out mate this will only make things worse icon_wink.gif

July will be here before you know it,in the meantime do as Bill suggests and look into the meds and carry on educating yourself on here.

It's a big decision having a proceedure.

Good luck.

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Patience is a virtue. A cliched saying that Ive never really understood. But regardless, in this situation, patience is an absolute must. Whilst we all want to be that guy with a "full" head of hair and we wanted that yesterday, everything about the HT procedure necessitates patience. From saving the money, to CAREFULLY selecting your Dr, arranging travel schedules, and then obviously the "downtime" post HT, primarily before looking "normal" again, and then the following months before results begin to show and then progress.

Also Lee, I urge you to have some virtual consultations online with some various Dr's to have more feedback. This can only educate you more. Dont get me wrong, Farjo is undoubtedly up there and without doubt the best in the UK, which would be far more accesible to your Barnsley routes. But dont let travel deter you, most clinics will offer a discount for travel allowance. Research heavily and dont rush into anything.

Good luck!

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