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"Bad HT" - Update


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First - this has nothing to do with my personal HT which is NOT a bad HT... just in case someone has that impression icon_smile.gif


Anyway, as the other thread "Bad Hair Transplant" is locked, I'd like to at least say that given that there were over 2,000 views and 58 responses in total, I'd say it was a popular thread and, personally, I'd like to know how it turns out.


Please know that I'm not looking to debate the issue or pick sides. I can also appreciate why the thread was locked, but after following the situation and seeing it unfold over the past few days, I'd certainly like to get an update on what ended up happening, for some closure:


- Did Dr. Harris follow through on everything he generously offered?


- Did Rainmanrock post his new pictures and what did they look like?


- Did Rainmanrock end up going through with another procedure and with whom?


I'm sure there are more questions, but this is just to say that I wish Rainmanrock the best in his second procedure (if he opts for one) and to keep the community posted of what he opts to do. Conversely, if Dr. Harris has an update or if Bill is contacted directly by either party, it would be nice to hear how everything turns out.


Again - this is not meant to stir anything up but to genuinely show that when we spend hours reading and responding on this forum, we really do care how things turn out and don't want to be left 'hanging'.




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FWIW, I explicitly inquired to Dr. Harris if his public offer did indeed still stand firm, and he said it did, and implored Rain to get in touch with him.


I think this is the most salient fact. For better or worse, it truly is up to Rain at this point to communicate with Dr. Harris openly....get hard facts on his growth, and then go from there, taking Dr. Harris up on his response.


I do wish Rain would have been more open and pro-active, and I hope he is going forward; I believe this lack created unnecessary confusion, speculation, and henceforth controversy that really isn't benefiting anyone, let alone Rain.


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While I appreciate that your intentions are pure, I locked the previous topic because I considered this case closed. Rainmanrock had plenty of time to present better photos, but simply chose not to. If Rainmanrock chooses to honor my request to present better quality photos, he can do so on his patient website.


I'll tell you what though. In a week or two, I'll follow up with Dr. Harris and ask for an update. In the event there's updated information worth sharing, I will re-open this topic (not the previous one) for discussion. Deal?


In the meantime, I am closing this topic since I'm sure leaving it open will invite the controversy (that I consider closed, at least for now) to continue.


I also ask that nobody create a new one on this topic.


Best Regards,



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