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Who is your favorite hair transplant surgeon and why?


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Interesting thread ... and a hard question to answer. Frankly, all of the surgeons on this site are top-notch, and the ones in the coalition do fantastic work. Is there a specific set of distinct skills you are looking for? For example, if I needed a big, big FUT mega session, I think Hasson and Wong would be an excellent pick. If I needed FUE done, I'd probably see Dr Feller. If I needed a repair, I'd probably see Dr Bernstein, etc. Maybe if you were a little more specific in what you were looking for, answers could be more direct!

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Hey Baldingbum,


I thought you were only looking to get 1000 grafts (from reading your previous threads).


You will get various opinions on which technique is better and for various reasons. Personally, for 2000+ grafts I'd go with FUT every time. For 1000 grafts or less on a virgin scalp, I'd seriously consider FUE.


There has been a few recent discussions regarding the pros and cons of each procedure, it may be worth reading through the threads.


However, as you stated in your other posts, $5000+ is out of your reach at this time or at least very hard for you to come by, that being the case I don't think FUE is a financially viable option to you at this time (at least not in the US).

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Yeah sorry for inconsistencies. I will just start off with 1,000 grafts for now due to my financial situation and just pay off my credit card. I will hopefully have a full time job soon(wish me luck). I recently did some research on both of these type of procedures and you are right. For my situation, an FUE would probably be better. Thanks man.

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