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  1. I'm going to be going to China in the near future. I will be staying in Beijing at first and I will try to find some work there teaching English. I'm just wondering if anyone here knows any good places to get a hair restoration operation? I only need about 800-1,000 grafts for the front of my head. I also heard that the costs for these are a lot cheaper here than in America. I was just wondering if the quality is up to par?
  2. Since HT's are expensive and I want to avoid having to get another one in like 5 years after I have lost the remaining hair that is thinning now, can I just shave off all the hair and maybe see if they could just remove the follicles of the thin hair and just get a Mega HT(or whatever they are called)? I would rather just have all of it done at once if this is possible?
  3. @TC17 Don't worry I know that your not attacking me personally. I have just been a little anxious to get my hair fixed because already I suffer from severe depression and severe social anxiety. The last thing I need is to lose even more hair. People are pointing it out often and it really bothers me a lot. I can understand that you don't want me to me taken advantage of, but you have to give me a little credit. I did take the time to join this forum and learn some things e.g. Bosley should never me one's first choice for a HT. Crazy as it sounds, I actually spent like six hours straight on
  4. Yeah sorry for inconsistencies. I will just start off with 1,000 grafts for now due to my financial situation and just pay off my credit card. I will hopefully have a full time job soon(wish me luck). I recently did some research on both of these type of procedures and you are right. For my situation, an FUE would probably be better. Thanks man.
  5. Well here is my situation. I currently have a Citibank credit card, but the remaining credit amount that I have left is less then enough to pay for the down payment for the procedure. I have already used the card to pay for a few expensive things and I have been on time with all my monthly payments(although they are minimum) and have never been late on a payment. Does this count for anything? Would my chances of a credit line increase be better than being approved for an entirely new card?
  6. Being a poor college kid, I am thinking about using a credit card just to pay for the down payment to get the procedure done(about 1,000 grafts) and then setting up a monthly payment plan with the doctor(thinking I will go with Dr. Carman or Dr. Reed). This way I will not be paying off as high interest as I would if I charged the entire procedure to a credit card. Anyway, I would rather be in debt than be bald, so does anyone know of the best high limit credit cards that are easy to be approved with bad credit? I would greatly appreciate any help.
  7. Well I'm not sure whether to go with FUE or FUT? Which usually works better for say about 2,000 grafts(1,000-1,500 in front and top & 400 on crown)? Which type of procedure will leave me with less scars/no scars?
  8. I am interested in hearing the reasons why because it will give me a better idea of the distinctive skills each of these surgeons has based on your personal experiences.
  9. I read that you can sign up with them to possibly win a free transplant, but I also read a story about some guy that got a free transplant as well from Dr. Feller? Do some of these guys actually offer free transplants to poor balding college kids like me out of the goodness of their own hearts? By the way, does anyone know if these free transplants from MHR are terrible in quality?
  10. Thanks for the name drops TC17! I keep reading that this Dr. Shapiro is really good? Does anyone else feel the same way about his work being quality? Are his prices reasonable?
  11. Wow Bosley are really amongst the worst? Thank you for the heads up. I guess I will have to go somewhere else. Does anyone recommend other places I could go?
  12. Hello everyone. My name is Robert and I'm a victim of hair-loss. I'm 26 years old and have noticed my hair thinning for about 2 years now. I have only had a consultation at Bosley so far, but they are charging way too much for the procedure. I'm currently unemployed, but I have a good shot at a full time job next week. Anyway, this is the first thing I'm saving up for once I do get the job, but I'm wondering if there are some places I could go that are just as good as Bosley, but a lot cheaper? They want to charge me about $5,180 for just 1,000 grafts in the front! Can anyone please help me ou
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