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Pearson's 5 Month Update


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At the 5 month mark, there is clearly an improvement, especially when compared to the 3 month mark. Since most of my grafts were in the crown, I anticipate growth to be slow.


910104123_1B99B431F28015D69FC4595BD5EA558E.JPG.thumb 810104123_05985E789017967F477A7A5B910EF0E0.jpg.thumb 710104123_673BCF2C2C773A36D717F7F20CEDC5EB.JPG.thumb 610104123_FF944ABDBFA60F0BD4E57C8702CC66CC.JPG.thumb 313105223_EFF1892F612A62A42B92EC38CA632661.jpg.thumb 120104123_68CEEC475D5C25F949DA6E5D9C067DD1.JPG.thumb



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I agree that you're looking good so far.


It might be helpful too if when you post an update that you also post at least one before picture to remind everyone what your hair looked like before. That way, members and guests can appreciate the improvement better :-)


To remind everyone, I've posted a before picture from your blog.




Keep us posted on your progress.



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