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Getting a transplant with Dr Rahal


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Taking the plunge and after agonizing with choosing the correct doctor, I have chosen Dr Rahal in Ottawa. I live in Toronto and from what I have read, he is 'THE MAN" in my market place.


Probably going to be in the 4000 graft territory and getting it done in February.


Any suggestions, comments, feedback etc would be appreciated in terms of getting ready or Dr Rahal experiences in general. He is the first to suggest scalp stretching excercises to me ahead of time and I found that a bit different than anyone else I met with. Do they really help?

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Welcome to our forum community. You've chosen an excellent surgeon to perform your procedure. When is the big day?


In my opinion, scalp exercises do indeed help to increase scalp elasticity if done correctly and enough in advance prior to the procedure.


My only other advice to you at this stage is to follow Dr. Rahal's preoperative instructions and don't go into the surgery with any unanswered questions. No question is a stupid question, especially when you're spending this much money on a life changing procedure.


Best wishes,



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There are many patient blogs created by Dr Rahal patients so you should look for cases similar to yourself. I'm at 4 months post op and happy with my experience and progress so far.


If you haven't started the scalp exercises yet you should do so ASAP. If your surgery is in February you don't have much time to improve your scalp laxity (of course you may have great laxity already, but the exercises should help).

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