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Dr. Alexander Class Act and Great Surgeon

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I just wanted to share my experience with Dr Alexander. I had previously had a transplant with Dr. Alexander about 2 and 1/2 years ago. I was on this forum every day for about a year 6 months before and after during that time. Great support! After 6 months I was well on my way and never looked back. Now I decided to finish the job and fill in some patchy parts in other non treated areas. He did such a great job, no one ever knew how I got much of my hair back. I was called bald every day before and now it has been over 2 years!

Today I was suppose to go in for the 2nd one. I was prepped, my family was and so was the Dr's office. I messed up and failed to stop taking aspirin for blood thinning until about 3 days ago. The Doc tested my scalp and decided that it would be best done at a later time due to thin blood and bleeding. His team came in and all. Dr A does it right so only 1 appt per day so it was probably not too easy for him. He said I should come back another time to get the best result so we rescheduled. He was most concerned about a job done right and me. I told him I would compensate for the time folks spent and he said to not worry about it, lets just do the right thing. He is a great surgeon and great guy. I really appreciate his professionalism and concern for his patients, even when they make a mistake. You cant go wrong here. By the way, anyone scheduled with him next week and would not mind waiting a few weeks, I will pay you to switch with me!

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Thank you for sharing your experience with Dr. Alexander. He's an excellent, ethical surgeon, and I'm glad to hear he consistently puts patient safety and wellness first. I hope you'll keep us updated!

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