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  1. I just wanted to share my experience with Dr Alexander. I had previously had a transplant with Dr. Alexander about 2 and 1/2 years ago. I was on this forum every day for about a year 6 months before and after during that time. Great support! After 6 months I was well on my way and never looked back. Now I decided to finish the job and fill in some patchy parts in other non treated areas. He did such a great job, no one ever knew how I got much of my hair back. I was called bald every day before and now it has been over 2 years! Today I was suppose to go in for the 2nd one. I was prepped, my family was and so was the Dr's office. I messed up and failed to stop taking aspirin for blood thinning until about 3 days ago. The Doc tested my scalp and decided that it would be best done at a later time due to thin blood and bleeding. His team came in and all. Dr A does it right so only 1 appt per day so it was probably not too easy for him. He said I should come back another time to get the best result so we rescheduled. He was most concerned about a job done right and me. I told him I would compensate for the time folks spent and he said to not worry about it, lets just do the right thing. He is a great surgeon and great guy. I really appreciate his professionalism and concern for his patients, even when they make a mistake. You cant go wrong here. By the way, anyone scheduled with him next week and would not mind waiting a few weeks, I will pay you to switch with me!
  2. Well, I have checked back in and lived through it all to find the answer to my question here. I have not been back here because my life is back, I don't worry about the top of my head anymore and moved on to other things! It was the best thing I could have done, by far! My confidence is back, people comment I look much younger, I don't worry about getting out the pool, taking off my hat, waking up in the morning around people and all the stuff that goes with the worry of very thin hair. I had a lot of questions and worry over all this and for nothing. I would do it again in a minute if the clocked was turned back and I had to make the choice again. If you are on the fence and have the money, run, dont walk to Doc's office. The negatives you see here are few, but I understand they carry a lot of weight in your choices. There are much more positives and I believe the negative posts have background info that they may not be saying or they are just a true medical anomaly. It works.
  3. Well, I am the guy who started this thread and then I leave and don't check back in for a few months. Nice, eh? Back when I posted this and a few other topics I was in the beginning stages of it all. I can't tell you how much this forum helped me. Now I am just over 4 months into it. I didn't feel I could add much until now because I was up and down and not sure what advise I would give. Now after 4 months, it was the BEST thing I have done. I can't say enough about how nice it is to wake up, take off a hat, get out of the shower, pool, etc and not have to worry about how bad I look. It is amazing to have coverage there now, already! I have a part of my life back now I haven't had in 10 years or more. And, the good part is I only have just begun growth! I had 2500 done with Dr. Alexander in Phoenix and everything he said was true. I still have slow growth where the infection was, but it seems to be coming along. I would say now with confidence, if you have the money, do it! I don't have pics. I guess I was too nervous to take them all along, sorry. When I get stuff organized I will post some old pre-op stuff and how it looks now, but having just moved, holidays, etc it has been a little crazy. Well, I hope this helps some folks as these posts helped me along the way. Best thing I did in 2008!! Happy New Year!
  4. Thanks to everyone who responded. It does makes a lot of sense. I do see people pop up here and again that have not been on for a while when a topic that relates to what they experienced is presented and some move on for various reasons as you all mention. It is a great forum either way and I personally would have been lost and guessing without it. Probably a NW5 by now too!
  5. Hey Bill, Just to clarify, the Doc said it was not folliculitis. It was an infection caused by bacteria introduced to an open wound. All good now. Just want to be clear in case anyone else encounters the same issue. Thanks guys, I really appreciate your feedback and support!
  6. Thanks for the response guys, glad all that is behind me now. You are right, not sure where or how the infection occurred so wasn't going to blame Dr. Alexander. He said he would take care of it though, either way. Like a lot of other folks here, I figure I will be going through a lot of swings over the next few months, so trying to keep calm, maybe I should look into those pills Moving into week three now and all looks great. He did the work around my native hair, so still waiting for the possibility of the other shoe (hairs) to drop. Hoping to keep the originals in place. If so, I will be very happy for now.
  7. Just to follow up for anyone that this may happen to. The infection is now gone. Looks like I had some follicle casualties and the Doc said he believes I may have lost some. Not that many though, like a 1/2 finger nail or so. It was a std infection from an open would and environment. Not sure if it happened at the Doc's office or not. Either way, he said if I come in for another procedure he would fix.
  8. Thanatopsis, great insight. I do have a ton of respect for those who do stay after their HT and support others, that is very benevolent, but your are right, that is not why most people are here, even myself at this point I admit a little shamefully. I am here because I am not sure if I just made the worse or best decision I could have with my only shot I will ever take at changing nature's path. I hope I am a kind enough person to stick around and help others, which brought to the question in the first place. Why do so many folks sign off after a few months on the blog's etc. I think if I had success I would want to inspire others with it. I tell everyone I know about propecia and what it has done for me to get back a lot of hair I lost. I guess I will know in the next 12 months first hand, just curious what others thought.
  9. It seems like a lot of people drop off after a few months of recovery. Why is that? Do they leave because the results are not up to par and they feel dissapointed or because they are now happy and not hair crazed like the rest of us?
  10. It seems like a lot of people drop off after a few months of recovery. Why is that? Do they leave because the results are not up to par and they feel dissapointed or because they are now happy and not hair crazed like the rest of us?
  11. Anyone else have this happen? They seem to come and go. Maybe an irritation of some sort? It is not at the doner site, only at the transplant site. Thanks guys!
  12. Looks great for 3 months! Congrats! Cant wait to see it around Christmas time!
  13. Hi PGP, You know, he is a very good Doctor. He has called me back this weekend to try and help out. He called in another antibiotic and explained another step in cleaning, so almost all he can do besides see me. He says my blood / oxygen supply to my head is not what it should be, which may be a good excuse to my wife for doing this in the first place. Strange, though because I do triathlons, eat all natural foods most of the time, high proteins, no smoking, social drinking yes, but not for weeks. So not sure why it got infected in the first place and how I could do anything different to avoid. I am sure he will stand behind his work and word, it is just not a path I look forward to taking at this point in light of all this. I like hearing that even after 2 weeks of it happening to you, it worked out, at least you got what you signed up for :-). The Doc told me it is a small local infection, not staff, that will not spread, which is a huge relief. It is the size of a dime now and i think a little less red, although hard to tell with Neosporin on there. I have to run now, haven't looked in the mirror at it for an hour os so and I am convinced it won't heal unless I do :-)