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My transplant with Dr. Sharon Keene

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Congratulations on selecting a fine surgeon to perform your hair transplant.


I hope you'll provide us with the surgical details (number of grafts, hair counts, etc), and we look forward to seeing your photos.


I encourage you to create a hair loss weblog to document your progress and share your photos.


Best wishes,



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Thanks guys....


I am really excited about my procedure... i am flying back this morning from tucson to san diego.


I am looking alien after hair transplant just because scabs are formed and i can't comb my hair to hide those frontal and crown scabs icon_smile.gif


I am sure at airport and in the flight everybody gonna stare at me and originally i am from india so that didn't help either icon_smile.gif


Dr. told me to wear green surgery cap while flying..... what you guys suggest? Just i don't want to look weirdo...




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