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  1. I enjoy watching you produce consistently great results, just like you did for me! Congrats Dr G!
  2. Good stuff brah! Congrats on your results. As the texture of your hair changes, it will get even better!
  3. I know this is easier said than done, but patience is your only option right now. Even if you decide on having another procedure (which you may not need), you should wait atleast 2 years post-op before making your decision.
  4. After my HT, I stayed away from social engagements for a few weeks and I too was eager to hit the gym. You'll hear a lot of different advice, and I really don't know what the right answer is so I'll share what I did. My doc advised me not to run until 4 weeks after my HT. When I did run, i made sure to keep the area nice and clean. I did not start lifting weights until 2 months after my procedure, and when I did, I started with lighter weights than I am used to. The bottom line was, when it doubt, err on the side of caution.
  5. I haven't been on here for a while..and its good to see some familiar faces, but back to your question. Think of it this way...you'll have more than you have now! It's natural to have these questions after your procedure. I know that I worried about mine constantly for the first 3 months after I had my HT. You've taken the plunge and I'm sure it will turn out great, but you will only truly know once it all grows back in, since everybody's hair characteristics are different. In the meantime, try not to think about it! Good luck!
  6. I started using dermatch on the scar after 10 days and on the transplanted area after a month. I used toppik and dermatch everyday after the 1st month, and it did not hamper my result.
  7. Take a deep breath. Pick up the phone and call both docs. That is often the hardest step.Keep in mind that it takes between 12 and 18 months to see the full results of your transplant, so IF you do decide to do this, you will want to do it sooner rather than later. If you aren't on meds, you should consider getting on them. Also experiment with dermmatch and toppik. These concealers will help give you a fuller look while you are waiting for your transplant results to fully develop, and may even persuade you to push your transplant out to a future date. Finally, at 26,, I would personally prefer to do a smaller session and keep enough donor hair for future sessions. Good luck! People on this forum are great and will guide through every step of your journey!
  8. Great result Dr Gabel. The hairline looks very soft and natural. I'm sure she's ecstatic! Congrats on another great outcome!
  9. I remember this point is being the hardest part of my joureny. I'll join broker in saying "Hang in there, mate" ...it will all be worth it VERY soon!
  10. Singe, 2 and 3 hairs are naturally occurring on your scalp. My understanding is that the best look is achieved by using single hairs in the hairline. Achieving a soft natural look is a function of a skilled doc. Pick a good one, and you'll be happy! Good luck!
  11. your best bet is to buy a clipper and do it yourself, in stages. Its not hard to do. You can always go in to have it evened out. I buzzed down to a 2 , a month after and concealed my scar with dermatch. At 2 weeks, I was still wearing a hat to work. Good luck!
  12. Looking good Drew! I remember following your 1st HT with Dr Wong, and being quite impressed with the transformation then. It looks like you had a lot of growth between months 6 and 10 on your fist HT, so you can still look forward to alot more growth. Congrats and good luck!
  13. Congrats on your HT! The waiting is often the hardest part, relax and lay low for a bit...it will all be worth it very soon!
  14. Steve, Glad you had a positive experience with Dr Gabel. I also did a lot of research and was very comfortable getting in his surgical chair. 18 mos later I'm thrilled with my results. It sounds like you're still in the research phase, so take your time and good luck with whoever you decide to go with.
  15. I had the same question at the same point in process. Wore a snug fitting baseball cap 8-5 for two months with no issues. Good luck and grow well!
  16. I know this isn't what you want o hear but results vary drastically from person to person as far as growth timelines. I was a little disappointed at the 8th month mark when I thought that I'd achieved close to my final result. and boy was I wrong! I'm not sure whether I experienced additional growth or if it was all thickening but my result 18 months out is drastically better! Good luck and grow well. Time will answer your questions
  17. Don't get a transplant this early. While we all know how traumatic it is to lose your hair, get on propecia and hold on to what you have. In 10 years you can decide whether to get a transplant or not, and the good news is that HTs will be even more refined then!
  18. Paul, The hardest step for me was to actually make an appointment to see an HT doc. It was easy for me to sit on the couch and read a bunch of testimonials, which is definitely required to make the right decision, but I'd say pick up the phone and go in for a consult. Pick a forum doc in your area and swing by his clinic. Its free and at a minimum he'll tell you if you're a suitable candidate.
  19. Yeah..the texture of my hair continued to change substantially well beyond 8 months when most of the new hair had come in.
  20. Thank you Dr Gabel! I've gotten so used to having hair, that it really blows me away when I look at my before pics. I couldn't be any happier with my transformation. Pls say thanks to the "follicular diva" and your other techs for me.
  21. Glad you had a positive experience too! Be patient and grow well!
  22. Like Bill said, go see a doc in your area. That is often the hardest step. Get on propecia (your doc can write you a script) for about 6 mos and see if it works for you, before your HT.
  23. My shockloss around the incision area took a long time to come back. I'd say closer to 6 mos and beyond.
  24. I don't think so. I remember having some minimal bleeding the day after. I just used my spray bottle to keep the area clean and I had no adverse effects. I just looked at your blog and it looks like you've healed nicely. Good luck and grow well!
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