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Dermmatch to Help a ht?

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Noticing from different pictures that hair looks kinda thin at the 4-6 month mark, so wouldnt it look basically the same to apply some dermmatch to thicken up, and make it look a lot better. Then at month 8 or 9 discontinue use and let the ht show its beauty? I guess my question is has anyone used dermmatch during those periods of 4-6 month post op to make it look good, and then backed off in the later months??

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I had used Toppik post HT to thicken things up because of the partially shaved area in my midcore region. It definitely helped. I think that you could use dermatch and then back off, but for me it is more exciting to see the actual changes day to day. I don't want to get in the habit of using a thickening product and then not see the true changes that are happening. My worry also is that it could be an emotional let down because you are so use to what things looked like with product and then all of a sudden its not as dense without. Just a thought.



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I used Dermatch pretty regularly during the 4 to 6 month mark, but I applied it sparingly to the hairline (where my HT was concentrated). Get your doc' advice if you're very concerned but it shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't use it excessively.



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