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  1. I dont think there is any doubt that Armani did have impressive results with STRIP surgery. But his FUE results have been craptastic
  2. Bernstein is a great doc. Without a doubt go to bernstein
  3. Hey, There are a lot of surgeons to choose from, Rassman is located in Southern cal and a coalition doc, also if you are on the west coast check out hasson and wong. Don't be afraid to travel
  4. Hey fingers, Yes, I feel very comfortable with Dr. Rahal and went with him, Hasson and Wong was my other choice but since Dr. Rahal is cheaper and offers a bigger travel discount. I have read he also picks his patients up at the airport sometimes and even drives them back to the hotel after surgery, he really is a classy human being, and a very skilled doctor. My estimate was about 2500 graphs but I am going with 2200, basically because 1200 bucks is A TON to me right now since I will be entering grad school etc and I dont think 300 graphs is going to make THAT much of a difference. And if I do get 2500 graphs I can pay that after the surgery as Adrian his assistant has told me, so no big deal. Looking forward to monitoring your progress! September is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo far away : (
  5. Fingers, I know man, my HT with Dr. Rahal is so far away, I just need a little bit more money and Ill be set, 2k away surgery date in september. Your HT is going to look awesome man! Thats a lot of work!... 16 inch, I know man I know, its a ton of money but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. If its affecting you that much, look at other areas in your life you can make sacrifices. Perhaps its driving a car as Bill said for 10-13 years, maybe its saving money on food for 10 years. Instead of going to eat steak, stay home and make eggs or tacos or something.
  6. Fingers, I know man! I guess they are just old fashioned squares! Haha, My dad thinks spending thousands on a ht is absolutely crazy, he is about a norwood 4, he really doesnt care what he looks like. Fingers, ITS TIME TO HAVE OUR MOMENT!!!!!! Enough with this loss of confidence to baldness!!!!
  7. If ur thinning in the front and will not take medication NO GOOD DOCTOR will perform surgery on you. Even if you were to go on medication no doc would perform surgery on you. Your too young
  8. Ray, I have also become a hermit, I mean all i do is play xbox, go to class, and work. I mean thats it, friday and saturday nights I sleep, watch tv or play xbox. I avoid social situations and it sucks. Do you just stay indoors all day? Its what I do, especially at work I tend to keep to myself and not have conversations with anyone
  9. BTW, Does anyone else's parents think getting a HT is absolutely crazy? I live in the same city as my parents and My dad's response was... "Your what? You dont need that surgery, your not bald!" Ya, thanks dad that makes me feel better
  10. Fingers, When my hair loss started in 2006 I became very distant with my friends, I was not social at all. (I was 22) I really didnt research hair transplantation till about 6 months after losing my hair, i figured that a transplant would cost ATLEAST 25k, luckily for us it is not that much. Social wise is where you take the biggest hit imo, more than money etc.. And when your recluse and have trouble living your life, I think hair transplantation becomes a good option. I am consulting with Mattj who is a consultant for Dr. Rahal and I am hoping to book a date in october or november, a big weight I feel has been lifted off of my shoulders
  11. I hear you WB, Pulling out that much money for a HT feels like a punch in the stomach, however if it is something you desire then I think you should go for it. TO YOUTHFULNESS!!!
  12. Bobby, I have not heard anything about Dr. Ashok. If no one else has any reviews. My best advice would be to wait if you cannot afford the HT right now. I know its not what you wanted to hear, but its better to wait a little bit and get it done by a solid surgeon, then to pay for one thats going to mess you up. -Bleach
  13. I posted a similar thread last week, I was basically talking about the sacrifices some of us needed to make to afford a ht, but the direction of the thread did not ask "What have you sacrificed?" Well...
  14. Allan, An Email I got from Dr. Path The regular cost is 100 Baht/graft. (Exchange rate is 1 USD = 32.5 Baht) But bear in mind that the exchange rate fluctuates daily. Scaling discount for large number of grafts ,85 baht per graft for over 1000 grafts The above cost include:- - Doctor fee; - All medication; - All follow up in the immediate postoperative period including hair wash, wound care, change of dressing or removal of stitches if needed.
  15. Dr. Carman, Wow! Awesome result especially for how little the density is, keep up the good work