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over look my plan please (newbie) also nizoral question

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hi im new to the board although ive looked this board over from time to time over the last year to two...guess its about time i hop on board full time and stop procrastinating this problem..


ive always had a hairline that goes back a bit farther and i remember at 17 years old my friends saying "you are going to be bald by next year" and id laugh and say yeah right... and id hear that same thing every year...well yes my hair VERY SLOWLY had been receeding but i was always told i would be balding in a year or two...well at the age of 30 i decided to see if minoxidil and nizolar would turn back the clock a few years... im not sure if it really did anything or if i was just looking for miracles..not to mention my hair probably wasnt all that thin to begin with...it was more of just an insecurity issue.. my hair wasnt thin...but rather just the hairline was thinning slightly but more so moving back...i used the nizoral 2% every day..figuring more is better right?... (obviously not) and i applied the 5% minoxidil at the hairline about 1/2 a cc and the other 1/2 to the crown just to prevent hairloss as i had no hairloss in the crown (at that time)... after about 6 months of having to hide the oily minoxidil night time hair from the girlfriend and not noticing much of a difference...i decided to stop the minoxidil...then i ran out of nizoral and it just wasnt much of an issue as it didnt make much of an improvement...but at the time..there wasnt a whole lot that needed to be improved.... about 2 months ago after a crappy haircut i got from walmart and looking in the mirror...i was horrified to see my scalp through my hair in the crown... im not sure if thats because i used the rogaine or it was just my time but now i DO have a problem.... i will take a few pictures and add them to this thread in a few days....

the first thing ive decided to do is change shampoos... its not that costly ... and very easy to do...so i guess im going to make nizoral part of my life from now on...my question is...i want it to work...so im going to go for the 2% well as we in the usa know this is a controlled substance without an rx... ive seen it on ebay though...is this legit? i cant remember where i bought the nizoral 2% from before... but i seen some for quite cheap on ebay and just wondered if this was "head and shoulders" put into a nizoral bottle...(im not new to internet scams)..someone please give me some info on a good reputable place that still is fairly economical (to give me more funds to try other therapies also)


so here is my plan


1 nizoral 2% (if i can locate some) mon/wed and friday

(i used to use it 7days a week...wonder if this actually accelerated any hairloss using it that much)


2. i will try to experiment around with various other higher quality shampoos than the cheap stuff ive normally bought....nioxin maybe or something to add more volume to my hair...as one of the ways ive tried to hide my thinning receeding hairline is to grow it out longer and brush it straight forward... makes it look very thin


3. im not sure if i can handle rogaine again...i hated having to put that oily shiat in my hair every night..and i have no idea how any of you all use it in the AM without it being obvious to everyone you have something in your hair


4. im undecided on propecia/proscar.. as now that i realize im getting older (32? midlife crisis time? lol) im on this quest to turn back the clock... involving all areas... wrinkles, dying grey hair, but also improving the body...and propecia/proscar supposedly amongst the side effect of decrease libido has the side effect of making men more prone to abdominal fat... so im not sure on propecia/proscar just yet


then eventually probably in 3 years or so


i am due to graduate from college in 2 months so money shouldnt be an issue... at 32 i think i want to wait till im 35 before i get a transplant just to buy myself time say 5 years before i get another one



im also toying with the idea of a concealer....after seeing the before and after pics on here of the dermatch... although im not sure how effective this is on the front hairline..i think dermatch would work perfectly for me in the back as its not that thin yet ..but not sure what can be down about the front hairline



well sorry for such a long debut post...more or less just thinking with my fingers as i type on my plan...so feel free to critique , give input or suggestions (and also since nizoral is my first step advice on if ebay nizoral is legit or a better place to locate 2% nizoral)

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Welcome Yay,

Run a search on Nizoral, it's been discussed at length, you'll find everything you need to know.

I would definitely take Finasteride, the cheapest way is 1/4 Proscar daily or EOD, most do not have anny negative side effects and most find it effective for stopping hairloss and even regrowing in the best cases.

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i probably will eventually start using some form of propecia/proscar...but i need to get back in good shape first... one side effect of proscar/propecia is that it raises (just slightly) estrogen levels...hence the gynocomastia and decreased libido in some as some are more prone to side effects with a higher estrogen level in males... high estrogen makes it difficult to diet so im going to hold off until im in tip top shape already before i start on a drug that makes improving your shape more difficult.. ive researched as much as my slow internet speed would let me in several hours but yet didnt see anyone mentioning the legitimacy of ebay 2% nizoral... or no ones specifically came out and said "this is the best place to get 2% nizoral from" all nizoral users feel free to chime in on where you get your nizoral TWO percent at

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Sounds like you have some good ideas on how to combat hairloss. A few things I'll share with you from my prospective:


<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>I'm not sure I'd purchase anything requiring a prescription online. You need a script for Nizoral 2% so you may want to just ge the script then stop by your local Walmart pharmacy. Or, you may want to try Nizoral 1%.....I use this and purchase it OTC at Walmart<LI>I do encourage you to purchase a good shampoo and I believe Nioxin is one of the best. However, Nioxin really is not PROVEN to help hair loss..........just wanted to make sure you knew it won't really assist with loss or regrowth<LI>I agree with you about Minoxidil.........it is quite a messy regimen. I tried it years ago but hated it and quit<LI>If I were you I'd get on Finasteride yesterday and go with Proscar quartered to save cost. Most who experience ANY of the side effects report them to be mild and they usually subside after you've taken it a short while. Finasteride is PROVEN to halt hair loss in many cases and some experience regrowth. Since you still have hair, I'd go for it, you be be a great responder, who knows?<LI>There are many concealers, I tried dermmatch briefly and from what I experienced, and read from other's experiences with different concealers, dermmatch is best all around. I've heard toppik may be better for midscalp and crown but toppik comes out with water so don't get caught in the rain if you use it icon_wink.gif. You can't get dermmatch out until you shampoo it out and it really works great in the hairline.



Hope this helps..



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current regimen: 1.25mg finasteride every other day


My Hair Loss Weblog


Disclaimer: I'm not a Doctor (and have never played one on TV ;) ) and have no medical training. Any information I share here is in an effort to help those who don't like hair loss.

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Hairbank is spoton


Dermatch is the best and Nizoral is a nice addition to a hairloss strategy. None of the shampoos will regrow hair so pic one to compliment the Nizoral based on how it makes your hair feel..


Get on Propecia.. I've taken it for 7 years without any bitch tits or decrease in libido..



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My views are based on my personal experiences, research and objective observations. I am not a doctor.


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Get on Propecia.. I've taken it for 7 years without any bitch tits or decrease in libido..


LOL not only are the regular posters here are helpful as hell they are also damn funny as hell. That comment above literally had in on the floor crying.


Anyways to add to the orginal poster's concern. I don't know what you use for style, but I use the a little bit of forming cream from American Crew on dry hair, which really adds volume to my hair.

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