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  1. Yes. I tried that. Didn't work out for me. I have light hair so maybe the ink was too light..They tried twice
  2. NO. not sure what that is lol.. I don't want to be totally negative about HT"s. I did get good coverage but the hairline is straight and not natural looking. I can do things to camouflage the appearance with hairstyle and fibers etcetera . What stresses me out most is wind, and water. I'm very athletic and play a lot of sports so I'm self conscious and wear hats a lot. Try my best to avoid pool parties and water sports. The scar on the back of my head is easy to conceal when my hair is dry so that sucks too. The good news is my hair has responded really well to Laser light therapy. I'v
  3. I have to agree with Shmiggy!! I have been blessed with a stretch scar on the back of my head. My last procedure was about 8 years ago. Luckily, I have been able to improve the appearance somewhat. I will never be able to shave my head, or go as close as a number 4 clipper cut. I had two additional surgeries to repair the mistakes from the original two procedures.. Unfortunately , the last surgery left me with a scar that can not be repaired.. I flew to Vancouver and Baltimore even visited some locals in Fl only to hear the same thing..." Don't touch it. You run the risk of making it wor
  4. Amazing results! How long has it taken the hairs in front to grow? Have you cut them at all? I've had these blonde Vellus hair pop up. It seems they are not growing in length so much-- but appear to be getting thicker at the base.
  5. I am truly impressed with your results. Thank you for sharing your experience with such detail. I have gathered all of the products you mention, and will start next week. Thanks again
  6. Dr. Markou is a joke... His office manager John does all of the bs consultations. Markou walks into the surgery room, and Jon tells him what to do. Do not waste your time, or money on these guys.
  7. They continue to change their business name, and move to different locations. They have also paid to have negative content removed from the web.
  8. Jay, I am so sorry this is happening to you!! Shouldn't your Dr be the one that is researching, and trying to figure out what is going on? He himself said he has never seen anything like it before. i would think he would be willing to send you to a Dermatologist, or find something to relieve the redness. I mean he is the Dr. right? Amazes me how they just say "sorry" come back and see me in a few months. Maybe you should take a look at HGH therapy. I have been taking HGH for about a month, and so far Ive seen amazing results including repair, and regeneration of old injuries.....Im not
  9. Hello Members, I had a HT procedure with Dr. Markou formerly with the Hair and Scalp clinic of Clearwater. Just a FYI he has now changed the name of his clinic to Tampa Bay Hair Restoration. I had a terrible experience with this Doctor, and would hate to see anyone else endure the same pain, and humiliation I suffered. I have written about my experiences in the past so feel free to check it out. Maybe things are different at his new clinic, but his bedside manner, and skills were terrible when I was his patient. Do your research before having any procedure with him. If you are con
  10. one of the worst experiences in my life!! again avoid these quacks, and the hair and scalp clinic in clearwater, and largo, Fl. The Clinic manager is the equivalent of a used car salesman and will say whatever you want to hear. Im sorry that you had such a bad experience , my sole reason for the initial post was to warn people about these guys- too bad you didn't read this prior to the surgery. Rod
  11. I hope that you had a better experience than I did ! John convinced me that after having two ok surgeries with Dr Riggs that Dr Markou was the bomb and I should have another surgery to fill in the frontal hair line to make it all look more natural. Lets see he jotted down on a piece of paper a forest full of trees, and explained that when the trees end and you have an open meadow the tree line looks all rough and straight--so then you have to take some weeds, and shrubs and strategically place them in front of the trees so that you get the appearance of a nice soft smooth look--------------I
  12. Thanks for the reminder, but if even one person sees this post and can avoid having surgery with Dr Markou then i will sleep better knowing i have offered my advice.
  13. it has been ten years since I last logged into the forum, and I am so happy that my warnings have prevented at least one patient from having surgery with these two clowns. Thank God for this social network. Rodfl
  14. rodfl


    Hey guys I know you have read this a thousand times---but I am experiencing some sexual side effects from Avodart-----The drug is working great and I dont want to stop taking it---Does anyone know If I can reduce the dose or take it every other day to help decrease the effects??
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