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  1. Hi All, This is my result so far. I am quite happy with the ht so far. finally i have a hairline and grow my hair long. crown has improved and is holding up well with fin and minox. i have not noticed any further loss in the crown. overall experience with my ht has been good. Density is not the best but given the number of grafts i am happy with the results. one more pass to add density and to slighlty lower the hairline should do it..
  2. hi all, this my update so far..had 1719 fue by dr feriduni 3.5 months ago.some of the grafts still have not shed neither they are growing any longer as you can see in the picture. any feedback will be appriciated...thanks
  3. Doc advised me to slowly pull them out and see if they come out.I did pull out few but just worried to do anymore..is it safe to do this after nearly 10 weeks? Will it affect the growth?
  4. im actually referring to the hairs not the scabs.they come out very easily when i pull them out but not when i shampoo my hair or rub with towel..
  5. Hi All, its been 9 weeks since i had my procedure done most of the grafts( 40-50%) are still there. they are definetly not growing any longer but they are not shedding either.. has any one been through anything like this here before? is it safe to pull the grafts out?
  6. Nw2, how many grafts was your's? an y pictures here? my density was not so great so he was able to extract only 1719 grafts and i wanted to have an option to go very short like in the picture. hence a higher hairline and 15-2k grafts were recommended by the doc.
  7. @lavaris yes it was a one day procedure.@ Blake thanks n yes I'll be creating a blog soon..@gman yes I'm on all big 3..on fin for abt 15 months.have pictures of my crown in hairless drug section..
  8. i would like to thank everyone here for all the information that led me to find a quality surgeon for my ht. i had my surgery done on 15th of march by dr. feriduni in belgium. 1719 fue grafts to build my hairline. so far everything looks good. im 14 days post op most of the scabs have gone, no redness in the recipient. some areas of donor are still a bit sore to touch other than that all good. the only problem i had was that pain in my donor region lasted until day 8 , was on the pain killers. please have a look at my pictures below..
  9. i have been taking fin for 15months now..what do you guys think about these crown shots below..is there any more loss/ improvement? 1st picture at 7 months 2nd at 15 months
  10. Hi Epilepticsceptic, Thanks for posting those pictures. your scar looks really good..where was the work done?ur crown,hairline?? and what was ur donor density if you know it?? obviously the result is so good its hard to say u had any hairloss at all..
  11. Thanks sean, yes i was thinking about that myself. fue along with beard hair gives me 3500 and that will only look good in short hair style..will not look good if i am to grow it longer..thats what i got from online consultation with bisanga..so that really means i will not have an option to go for a strip later..
  12. Hi Sparky, Thanks for ur input, yes i think the Doc said 2500 in my case because of the low density. im not sure though if i will have any left after that via fue..dn remember asking that. what would you do in my situation?? thanks again..
  13. Thanks Okay and TTP for your reply, my ultimate goal is to have a mature hairline and to restore mid scalp now and in the future possibly restore crown with whatever i have left. i don think ill be too worried about thinner crown as long as i have a strong frontal third that i can style. and i would definetly like to keep my hair longer than in the picture.. Now the things that im worried about are.. 1.i have thinning all over my NW6..i have some thinnig above and behind ears also. 2.doc i consulted with thinks i might have a condition with the scar..looking at the previous scars on my head( not HT). as far as i know it wasnot sutured.. 3.donor density..i have been keeping my hair short like on the last picture for more than 4 years now.. i have no idea how its going to hide the scar. is 60-70 graft/cm2 a good donor? 4. family history..both my elder brother are NW 4ish.. my father is in 60s he is a NW 4ish also..my only maternal uncle is full NW6/7 ish 5. if i am going for fue 2500 is the max according to the doc.