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  1. Month 2 Update Nothing major to report at this point. Squarely in the Ugly Duckling stage, but am seeing and feeling lot of hair on my scalp which is thin and wispy. At this point, the shedding has subsided. I also cut my hair to a Grade 2 all over about a week ago. I am dealing with a touch of shock-loss in the donor. I would expect the shock-loss to clear up within the next two months or so. Wondering if I can use some concealers while the donor is healing. Waiting patiently to get to months 3 and 4, supposedly that is when the magic starts!
  2. I would @SLA, some of the senior techs could probably have done the whole procedure. All of the techs I spoke to at Eugenix were very knowledgeable and experienced
  3. @kurvI booked my procedure around 4 months in advance. Thanks @Abhinay Singh, hoping to get a result as half as good yours! Of course @SLA,hoping my journey helps out other members! I went with the premium package, so Dr Arika implanted the hairline and performed the crucial extractions
  4. Hey @BullHair thanks! I traveled from California to New Delhi. Through my own research, I was able to get a medical e-visa which was a super simple process. Basically all I had to do was provide the india bureau of immigration a letter from eugenix. After that, the visa was granted within 48 hours. I believe all the medical counselors at Eugenix are now recommending this to any patients coming in to India based on my experience. Your Eugenix rep should be able to help navigate the process. From there, all I had to do was get a negative covid test within 72 hours of departure for both legs of the trip. Getting a covid test in India is super cheap and the lab will actually come to your hotel to take the sample. Eugenix can also help you schedule the covid test for your return trip, their service is fantastic. Feel free to DM me with any other questions and good luck on your procedure, you have chosen the best clinic out there!
  5. Hi everyone, here is a 5 week update ! Feeling like I have shed a good amount and have heard that shedding continues up until the 2nd month. The progress is looking fantastic on my end being so early. Let me know your thoughts Also planning to get a PRP session over the next two weeks
  6. Hey Everyone, Thanks for the well wishes ! Apologies for the delay in the update. I have been busy at work after getting back to the states from India so I was unable to follow up on my post. Today marks 16 days after my hair transplant with Eugenix in India and I have to say that I am super happy with the density and coverage after the scabs have come off, especially looking at how bare my scalp was before surgery(NW 6). In total we were able to get around 5050 grafts(3500 from the scalp and 1550 from the beard). The Eugenix team pretty much took care of everything while I was in India and the entire experience was a 10/10, the clinic provided some of the best service I have ever received. I wanted to give a special shout-out to both Anil and Dr. Shishir who took wonderful care of me and were super informative throughout the procedure. Additionally, the team of techs was fantastic. If you are considering Eugenix, do not hesitate to book with them! I ended up staying in India for an additional week after the procedure and the clinic picked me up from the hotel everyday for dressing and eventually the headwash before my trip back to the states. Day 1 I was picked up from the hotel in the morning around 930 AM . Once I got to the clinic, I was asked to fill out forms and was tested for any allergies to the local anesthetic. Once that was complete, Dr Arika drew the hairline and I was prepped for surgery. I opted for a v-shaped hairline because that is how my natural hairline was before I had started thinning. The local anesthetic was painful but once that was complete it was smooth sailing. Dr. Arika performed the incisions and the crucial extractions. At the end of the first day the team was able to extract and implant around 2000 grafts mostly in the midscalp . The rest of the surgery(hairline and crown) was planned to be completed the next day. Day 2 I arrived at the clinic at around 930 AM and was given local anesthetic. Dr Arika performed the rest of the incisions for slits, and then an additional 1500 grafts were extracted from my scalp. Most of the hairs that had been extracted were multi hair grafts so Dr Shishir had to cut and make single grafts for the hairline. Once that was complete, Dr Arika implanted the hairline. I am very happy that I went with Eugenix because as most people know some clinics do not have the expertise or tools to cut doubles and triples and people are left with an unnatural hairline. After that, I was given local anesthetic in my beard area and then Dr. Shishir extracted around 1550 grafts from my beard which were mostly implanted in the crown area. Adding pictures before surgery, immediately after surgery, and 16 days after surgery. Please excuse the blur work lol. As you will see, some of the hairs have begun shedding in the mid-scalp. The donor is also healing quite nicely I will be updating this thread on a monthly basis. Please let me know if you have any questions or are considering traveling to India from the USA during the pandemic! Current Regiment 1 mg Finasteride 2x a week 1 mL Minox daily to be started 30 days after procedure
  7. After a lengthy amount of time spent researching, I am booked in for a two day transplant with Dr. Arika Bansal of Eugenix on 7/15-7/16 for 5000 grafts. I will be sharing pre/post-op pictures and my journey on this thread! Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences on this forum.
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