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  1. Is the patient on finasteride? the crusting would have me quite worried but it looks like it had no impact on the final outcome. Is that a seb derm outbreak?
  2. I believe each hair has its own different lifecycle even though there may be several within one follicular unit. Each hair has its own dermal papilla and is affected by dht differently based on its dna coding.
  3. Do not rush into something like this. I made this fatal mistake by not waiting 12-14 months for my initial surgery. Now I’m chasing repair of my donor.
  4. Dr. Panine, could you please explain how you typically calculate donor capacities? 8000 grafts left puts this patient as a top 5% of donors if that number is for fue only.
  5. After about 7-10 days your grafts are fully secure. The hairs that shed are likely in telogen phase.
  6. The pic isn’t showing up for me but I think Matt has the right idea
  7. I used it for a while some years back, didn’t notice much change but I’m on other treatments as well. I’ve yet to see someone on it as a sole treatment and benefit from it. It does look good on paper though
  8. There may be cheaper options in Europe for fut such as bisanga, hattingen, and feriduni (not sure if all of them are performing fut nowadays). Turkey isn’t really a well known destination for fut. like others have mentioned. If you’re happy with your previous doctor, I would def try to stick with them.
  9. I stopped reading at artas….run from any doctor offering you an artas procedure. Although the machine has improved from before, I would never choose to have a machine work on me rather than a skilled doctors hand. secondly, you have a lot of native hair and IMO can be at risk for shock loss so you need to choose carefully. There are some top doctors recommended here in North America and Europe. Ask a lot of questions and don’t just jump into surgery based off price
  10. The lotion method seems like a Turkish thing. Id def ask your clinic.
  11. Bisangas work is very impressive! Did he give you an opinion on hlc’s extraction pattern? Did he mention if there would be a visual difference in your donor at shorter lengths since he harvested from one side? Was the imbalance of your donor a result of hlc’s harvesting? Oh yeah, did he advise how many grafts you have left?
  12. 4 months is just the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully more density will be coming in soon.
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