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  1. Just doing online consultation with them atm plus due to this corona pandemic I cannot travel anytime soon. Looking forward to HT in approx 12 months time. Saving up in the meanwhile. Quality never comes cheap after all but is well worth it in the end.
  2. That’s the plan if I go ahead with a transplant. Idk if H&W use the stick and play method like Dr K does. Tending more towards Dr K for this reason. His immediate post op pics are unreal. You can tell just by looking at them that his methods are the best bet against possible shock loss (which is basically my primary concern). Time to save up
  3. Ok so I have done some online consultation for finding out the no of grafts I’ll need. The doc wanted me to draw the desired hair line which I’m showing in the pictures I’m attaching. I’ve been given a no of 1600-1800 grafts required. I also drew the boundary between the mid and front scalp. The encircled area between this boundary and hair line has been thinning and the doc is confident that it’s safe to transplant hair between existing hair. It’s a relief to hear that! Regarding density, I’ve been told 40-50 sq cm would be the target density. I’m not sure how much this density looks li
  4. Thank you for the complements 😀 This is my dilemma. A successful transplant would be an amazing home run but if there’s damage to existing hair then I’ll be left worse off. One things for sure, I’ll have to go for the top surgeons to maximize the chance of a successful transplant for my tricky situation. So far in my limited research Dr Hasson and Dr konior’s results have really stood out.
  5. Online consultations so far and like this discussion here, there have been mixed replies. I’m looking at a potential surgery a year or so from now as I build up my finances and the corona pandemic hopefully becomes manageable. I can travel anywhere for the right surgeon. Location is not a big issue.
  6. I don’t want to go on medication. Not comfortable with taking meds. It will not help my temporal points baldness anyways. So the insertion in the scalp can be done using the lateral slit method for a stick and place transplant as well? For my thinning area transplant would it be correct to assume that the best bet for avoiding damage to existing hair would be by going for a stick and place transplant? Thanks!
  7. I’ve heard only good things about Dr konior. His results look amazing. Great choice and best of luck!
  8. Thanks for the valuable insight guys. im 45 and have never taken hair loss medication. The frontal zone (within the red lined boundary) hair thinning has been very gradual. It’s still ok I guess with no balding spots. It’s still a bit of bother for me. I’d get a transplant if there is no shock loss issue. The temporal points have been stable for decades now with no miniaturization happening on the sides. The center of the hairline hasn’t receded. So for the temporal point bald spots lateral slit transplant would be best and for the thinning front zone stick and place would be used? Do
  9. Hi I wanted to share my picture and wanted opinion on whether it’s safe to safely transplant hair between existing healthy hair in the frontal area that has lost density (but is not balding) compared to the rest of the hair on the scalp. The area that has lost density in encircled by the red line. Some clinics have said it’s safe while others have said it’s not. Wondering if lateral slit method or Stick and place technique would be better in this area if it’s safe to undergo transplantation. Thanks.
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