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  1. 100%. Definitely an ethical doctor. If it's not clear, the reason I've dropped is simple * Not going to risk undergoing a knife without the conviction that doctor and I have clearly discussed the procedure and expectations At 12 30 mid night, this is not possible IMO. I'm definitely tired and half asleep. Doctor also looked very tired and the conversation is going in a manner that is not productive. Does that mean that the doctor is not good? Ofcourse not. I've been following his work for 4 years and still think he's one of the best. It just looked like a bad day a
  2. @GatsbySorry I missed your question. Yes I’m taking finasteride 1mg for the last 8 months. Alternate days
  3. @WandererindYeah. They have woken me up at 12 30 AM and I’ve met the doctor then. Given that’s the first time I’m speaking to the doctor, I expected a thorough discussion and communicate my density and hairline expectations clear. That certainly didn’t happen. Energy levels of the doctor as well as mine are clearly super low. Also I’ve assumed (probably mistakenly) that at this price (by Indian standards) it would be one surgery per day. Doctor was a bit defensive when I brought up the topic of 2 surgeries. In his words “I can charge you 5x the price and do that”. But he later explain
  4. It’s 10:30 pm here. Surgery is supposed to start at 6:00 am tomorrow. Still haven’t seen the doctor. Haven’t spoken to him once. With my apprehensions now, I think it’s better to not go ahead with the surgery in this state of mind. What a disappointing trip this has been till now
  5. @DominoI'm from India. I'm not sure what grade I'm at. Probably NW5?
  6. Hello All, My surgery with Dr Suneet Soni of Medispa is scheduled on 26th February 2021. I was given an estimation of 4000 grafts with combined FUT + FUE. I'll update this post with pictures soon. I'll log my hair transplant experience and regrowth journey here and I'll try to be as detailed as possible. Hoping for the best
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