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  1. Good write up. All looks well. For 3 days post. Keep up with the saline solution. It really helps with the itching.
  2. Looks amazing. And I'm sure there will be more to come. Eugenix is a clinic based in India.
  3. Indeed! It really is the dreaded shed. Been shedding lots and still going strong. Every hair wash brings a hand full of hairs with it. The 1 month is here and it seems to be thinning out. All part of the process. I've been meaning to start on the biotin. But other than that its just the 1mg of fin. I was on regaine (minox) for many years before the HT but not used it for the past month. The recipient area is still very numb. When do you recommend re starting the minox? Below is the 1 month photo.
  4. 1 month flew by! Looks like it all healed really well. Will you be keeping on with the fin?
  5. After the HT the Dr gave me some sebamed shampoo to use. Its a very mild shampoo and is the same PH as your hair. I'm sure baby shampoo is just as good.
  6. I think it looks amazing. From where you started to where you are now👍
  7. @Ali4981sometimes you've just got to bite the bullet and commit. Its prudent to do your research and there will be good and bad reviews with almost every surgeon. I know your on the high end of the Norwood scale but I would advise to start on fin or at the very least biotin.
  8. Hi Ali it seems you have researched well. All good Drs. And you have a healthy budget. Personally I would stick to the UK. The thought of travelling abroad with a large amount of cash (I understand most of the Turkish clinics like being paid in cash) and undergoing a very large surgery, 4000 grafts will take it out of you. It is physically and mentally draining. Unless you plan to stay in Turkey and recover I would highly recommend Dr Arshad. The after care alone is second to none. (I'm sure the other clinics have great after care too but I'm only commenting on personal experience) Also have
  9. I must be a wimp I'm not afraid of needles but the pain of that needle pushing through my scalp skin caused me to wriggle in agony. It was horrible. I'm just over two weeks post fue and I've still got some numbness in my head but the pain has more or less gone now. But like a previous poster said its a small price to pay. No pain no gain.
  10. Hi not sure if you would be able to get a HT done with the current lock down situation but try The Hair Dr. I contacted them on the 12th October and on the 29th I was having the procedure! Just over 2 weeks from initial contact.
  11. Super clean!! Can barely tell you have had work done. Can I ask how much biotin you are taking?
  12. 12th day post surgery and the majority of the scabbing has now fallen. So not completely gone. I've noticed a lot of hairs come out with the scabs. Fingers crossed it's an early shedding stage. I've attached a picture of what has been coming off. Dried blood mixed with an alarming amount of hair. (I've not been picking at it just washing and gently massaging as instructed by The Hair Dr.) Be truthful. Do you think its shock loss or failed grafts? Or hopefully early shedding 🤞
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