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  1. In London, you will need to pay if you want to have a good consultation with a good clinic. There are free ones such as International Hair Studio but I really wouldn't recommend them or any like it. Get a video call set up with The Hair Dr in Leeds. You will speak to the patient advisor first but you should be able to set one up with Dr Arshad afterwards.
  2. You have similar hair to me, though I'm thinning more at the front middle then you. I am 31 and have my HT booked in for a few months time. I can't wait I think we are great candidates considering our donors and the crown is fine. Just a frontal reconstruction would be a huge difference.
  3. I am also a Belgravia patient and have been using the 10% cream for 3 years. It 100% helped me and the progress was great for a while, however my hair is now looking thinner. It might be that my hair loss has accelerated or that my body has gotten used to the cream and it no longer is effective. I have read that both theories are possible as minoxidil only is effective for 3-5 years. I have just started taking Fin and I think I might stop the 10% minoxidil as it's very expensive and start using 5% rogain instead. I am hoping that going from 10% to 5% won't cause any hairless, A
  4. Too early to assess but I feel ok so far!
  5. I have just booked mine with Dr Arshad. You can get a consultation quite quickly but they have waiting times of around 5 weeks for Surgery at the moment.
  6. I have recently started and I am doing 1g Fin 3 times a week, Mon/Wed/Fri. I was convinced after watching this video of 2 very well regarded doctors talk about it
  7. Incredible transformation, I bet you are really happy. After lots of research on The Hair Dr and Dr Arshad, I myself have just booked with him, can't wait!
  8. Thanks Zach! Can I ask, did you have a face to face consultation with Dr Arshad before your surgery?
  9. Hi Zach Looks great and from your day 12 pic, it's barely noticeable already. I am pretty sure I am going to chose Dr Arshad too. I want to book a HT in January but still doing research. Would you fully recommend him and the clinic?
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