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  1. Has anyone had experience with these doctors and If you can please describe it! Thanks! (Considering both for a FUE)
  2. Does anyone want to share their experiences with me on Dr Paul Rose or Glenn Charles? Thanks! (Considering them both)
  3. From my understanding with the Florida law it is actually illegal for a technician and not the doctor to remove grafts.
  4. They told me the doctor only draws blood for the prp and localized the area before the procedure that is it. The technicians harvest the grafts, separate the hair follicles(without a microscope) , create the incisions where the hairs will be placed including the hair line and they insert the grafts as well... ( NeoGraft)
  5. I use deramatch which can be found on amazon. From what I’ve read it has all natural ingredients. I haven’t had my surgery yet but it covers up my thinning areas quite nicely.
  6. Anyone else have a horrible experience with these people? Not only did they not disclose that a doctor was not performing the surgery whatsoever but they are trying to keep my money for the hair transplant they didn’t perform! They don’t disclose vital information for surgeries and trick you into signing! Beware!!!!! From what I’ve gathered their practice they are performing is illegal but they are finding loopholes.