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  1. Thanks - to the naked eye my front hairline was bald, completely. Though, from what you say, presumably there must have hair there so miniaturised that it was not easily visible. After applying the 5% Minox for 8 months, there is visible hair in the front hairline which was definitely not visible before.
  2. I have used topical generic brand of Rogaine 5% Minoxidil for the last 8 months and it has definitely resulted in the growth of new hair along the front hairline. Can Finasteride potentially result in the growth of new hair?
  3. As a NW6 I would require ~6000 grafts, so it's quite probable I'd additionally require beard hair transplanted. If I grow out a beard I would usually cut it in the style shown by the image below. That is, I would completely shave away all hair below the red line. With this being the case, I personally would have no problem with 100% beard growth being extracted below the red if this was required. Are there any thoughts on this? Would this leave noticeable scarring removing 100% beard growth below the red line? Thanks. https://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-trim-shave-groom-and-avoid-a-neck-beard-2015-11?r=US&IR=T
  4. Thanks Rolandas. I'd guess it's probably better to have it a little longer than required than shorter as once there could easily be "buzzed" to cut to appropriate length.
  5. Do respected DHI/FUE surgeons stipulate what length hair should be grown to before attending a DHI/FUE procedure? If so, what length should hair be grown to? Also, if beard grafts are to be used, to what extent should the beard be grown? Thanks.
  6. I'm aware of Eugenix in India, who appear to have a good reputation. Are there any other FUE/DHI surgeries/surgeons who are also worth considering in India?
  7. I've seen SMP treatment referred to. What does this abbreviation refer to? Thanks.
  8. I thought it was strange that a surgeon could be performing hair surgery for over 27 years, and there isn't a single review here - good or bad.
  9. Does anyone know of the FUE work by Dr. Thomas Mantse - ProHAIR Transplant Clinic - Hungary.? Strangely, there do not appear to be any reviews here on the forum. Reason I say "strangely" is because apparently he is a Canadian doctor with over 27 years experience in hair transplant. Thanks.
  10. Is Dr. Marwan Saifi known for getting the same coverage as other well respected HT surgeons but with fewer grafts? Reason I ask, is that I have contacted many of the well respected surgeons in Europe, Turkey and India. Surgeons that are respected on this forum. A number have said that I simply don't have the donor required, the rest have come in stating that I require precisely the same number of grafts required as each other. Dr. Saifi has given a number of grafts which is less than half of this. So I'm just wondering if he is known for getting good coverage with a smaller number of grafts than other surgeons?
  11. Would anyone have any comments on FUE work by Dr Tsilosani in Tbilisi, Georgia? There doesn't appear to be any recent comments on his work in the forum. Thanks.
  12. Is that a price for the grafts punched by a doctor by Dr Bisanga's team, with Bisanga and another doc making the recipient sites and the techs then extracting the pre punched grafts and placing the grafts into the pre-made recepient sites?
  13. Has anyone here any experience of Dr Artur Kierach - Centrum Kierach? I couldn't seem to find any reference to his name on this forum. As far as I'm aware he was trained by Dr Devroye. What do you think of the results in the gallery below? There's a frontal image of a hairline in image 5. Thanks.