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  1. @Portugal25 Hey thanks man for the honest suggestion, So you ultimately mean if i do not want to use finestride I should not have a HT?
  2. Thank you @Portugal25 for the valuable information. I very reluctant to taking finestride because i had anxiety issues earlier in my life. What i plan to do is to have a transplant to correct my hair line which would probably need 3000-3500 grafts and will try using minoxidil. Im ok to go for an another down the line for my mid scalp and my crown. Will monoxidil not stop my hairloss atleast for 4-5 years. How do u feel what im thinking is practical? thanks!
  3. Hey gabrielle, thanks man! I am aware about needing further hair transplants, I am ok with it down the line after 4-5 years. I would like to try finestride, but Incase if i dont want to continue? what is the probablity of a sucessful HT? Minoxidil Would not help in that case? Much appreciated. Regards,
  4. Hello Guys, Hope you are all doing well in this time of unrest, So, basically I started loosing my hairs when i was like i think 17-18, During the Initial stages I dint knew anything about hair fall or anything one of my friend suggested me Minoxidil 5%. I used that for like 2 years and i use to use only on my temples as i use to feel as I'm losing hair's only from that area. Then i felt my hair loss did not stop and I tried a homeopathic doctor which I continued for almost 2 years and I stopped that too. Since past three years I did not do anything expect may be for massing my hairs
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