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  1. What?? His hairline turned out amazing! Look at his interviews and new music clips. It looks great and he seems pretty happy with it
  2. True, but a lot of the time they actually tag the patient themselves, and their profile is always legitimate
  3. Hair of Istanbul have the biggest social media following of any clinic I’ve seen with 1.3 million Instagram followers. They also have the most consistent results I’ve seen from a clinic ( from what I’ve seen on their Instagram). Are they just really good at marketing or Is it legitimate? And should I go there?
  4. Oh thanks, one more thingZ how much does he charge per graft?
  5. Thanks for the prompt response. One more thing, I’m looking to go with Dr Bruno but I need it done between now and December 30. Is that possible? How long is his waiting list when you applied?
  6. I am planning on going with Dr Yaman. The only thing I’m wondering is why a lot of people here recommend other surgeons over him as options in Turkey, yet he is on the official recommended list of this website? And Is he a top surgeon? Thanks
  7. Where would you recommend, somewhere that can give me 3000 grafts for 9k?
  8. I don’t have any unfortunately. What do you think of hair of Istanbul?
  9. Okay thanks. I’m only guessing, how many grafts do you think I need looking at my pics?
  10. Because it’s cheaper. I don’t think any other country would had good doctors for only 8k
  11. My question is simple 🙏🏾 I now have 8K to spend on a HT And need 3500 grafts, where should I go in Turkey? If it helps, I’m African/Arab. If anyone can help I would appreciate it so much
  12. Wait this is eugenix representative? I was never told about a RS.75 per graft offer? Only 1.25 and higher
  13. Well when you put it like that..: lol, also Eugenix seems to have a stronghold on this page. They seem to be everywhere, is that genuine or do they own a lot of the admins in their pockets
  14. Okay what’s an example of a cheap clinic with dozens of reviews on YouTube?
  15. I think he meant dozens of documented hair transplants from the same cheap clinic?
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