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  1. Great result! Looks extremely natural! @LondonRamen Did you see any progress/new growth from Month 7 to 8? Any new hairs that you can feel sprouting through?
  2. Wow truly amazing result! How do you feel about the scars from the first FUE. I hope you don't mind me saying, however, they do look quite visible and large in size. Similar to @MrRolandas in appearance. Did the doctor comment on that?
  3. @RolandasIn any case, you got an excellent and natural result from your first surgery, and wish you all the best on your second. Your videos are very frank and informative! Keep it up!
  4. @RolandasI saw that the Dr suggested that you might have minor keloid scarring but this doesn't look the case to me. Hard to tell from the video? Keloid scar are usually raised. Do you feel any bumps?
  5. If you are comfortable taking a tweezer and tugging only one of those hair you should be able to conclusively tell. If it comes out like a knife from butter, then it is a dead transplanted hair follicle that has yet to shed. Obviously if there is resistance, then that is a good sign and the hair should eventually grow. Keep in mind that new hair will grow slower than the native hair.
  6. They could be transplanted hairs that haven't shed yet. If that's the case, new hairs should push them out.
  7. @LondonRamenHey man, how's it looking now ? Really curious to see how your progress is going!
  8. @Ittiaz1 1-Was there any progress between month 4 to 5 and 5 to 6? 2-Do you still see/feel those small short hair stubbles?
  9. I think it looks promising at 4 months. There is a clear visual improvement from month 3 to 4.
  10. I agree with the above. Not enough posts independently posted by patients, surely one patient posed result is way too little to even consider recommendation at this stage?
  11. @LondonRamen Excited to see your update. You must be coming up to 3 months now?
  12. I really find it shocking that the doctor will not look at your situation or provide any personal feedback until end of the 12th month. Most top doctors take the time to check up and evaluate progress at fixed intervals throughout the process and it really does not have to wait until month 12, particularly if at month 9 there is no evidence of new growth or any new grafts sprouting. Wishing you all the best @baalloss
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