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  1. Thanks guys for the words of encouragement, of course I’m definitely going to be keeping my fingers crossed for more sprouting of any new hairs, but it’s good to hear about other real factors that do contribute. Possibly a daft question here but are there any simple ways to tell between a new hair that has yet to thicken, and an old native hair that has shrunken or miniaturized?
  2. Thanks Aaron, yeh I must say I’m very pleased with the condition of the donor site. Just not entirely sure how much more it could provide, the result of this procedure is very important as to what options I’m going to be left with going forward... I’m thinking of getting a USB microscope, I remember seeing another guy using one before to monitor his HT, does anyone know any fairly cheap ones that are good enough to use?
  3. Here are some also that show my donor immediately after shaving down to zero, no guard fitted with open blade.. so very very short. These were taken 2 days ago. On a positive note no-one at my work has seemed to notice nor ever mentioned anything about my donor area even with it this short. If they did they would most certainly say so, which I know for a fact as people at my work are just ruthless to each other to be honest. So that’s been a good thing.
  4. Some stills from a video clip off my phone.. There is already a little scar on the back of my head almost right in the middle so I know the small small patch in that spot is from that scar and been there for years.
  5. It’s interesting to hear the different opinions between differing experiences I guess, and as to wether fu’s would have finished sprouting yet or not... obviously I’l be hoping for more as you described Melvin. I’l add some photos of my donor area later too. How many more FU’s in the current recipient area would you say I’d need to just about be able achieve a natural appearance? Im pretty sure I will be tapping into beard hair as I have a pretty strong supply and always have to be clean shaved for work anyway..
  6. Here are my photos showing pre-op and immediately after. I understand the advice on trying to grow it longer to try and help the look of layering, except my hairline right in the centre and on my left side just doesn’t seem to have enough substance in it yet for it to look enough yet even from front on. Obviously my crown will stand out even more during growing out but my initial plan was to grown the hair out, shave the back and sides short, and sweep everything straight back regardless of crown area being visible. Im really hoping that there will be further improvements that will allow me to do this. Total FU’s : 3622 D1, D2, Total, Hairs. 1 Hair 116 300 416 416 2 Hairs 669 1103 1772 3544 3 Hairs 666 574 1240 3720 4 Hairs 127 61 188 752 5 Hairs 6 6 30 Total FU’s 1584 2038 3622 8462
  7. Thanks very much for the encouraging words Nelson, just watching a couple of your videos now.You really have had a fantastic result, I would never be able to tell you had a transplant... The density and volume is amazing, I would be honestly be happy with even half of the hair you have now!Thanks very much for the encouragement, it's so worrying when you don't have heavy donor reserves in the bank!
  8. Hi, thanks very much for your response to my thread that is a reassuring comment to read and certainly gives me more hope. Especially coming from someone who has actually had a procedure with a slightly different recovery time than what's generally regarded. Can I ask did you have any of your recovery documented online, or any photos? And was it that you had actually noticed any new hairs had grown around 14 months, or just a general thickening of the existing transplanted hairs? Thanks again for the reply, I wonder how many other people out there have experienced something similar despite the '12 month' template...
  9. Hi Melvin, thanks for the reply. Your right I’d probably say I was a Norwood 5 going 6 tbh as I pretty much had nothing substantial left on top, nothing that would add to the aesthetic of a HT anyway. Melvin I researched your case a while back and I believed I had a very similar case of loss to you. Being that you had fine hair also. Your results appear to have been fantastic, and tbh was quite a motivator for me to set out on getting a plan together for a procedure myself. I understood that you had around 5500 grafts transplanted is that right? Those were similar numbers to what I thought I might be able to achieve.. And what got suggested in my consultations, hence the added motivation. Do you have any photos you might please share showing how far you got following your first op, along with some of the basic details? I wasn’t able to find these in your link but I’d be really interested to see them, and greatly appreciate it too. Thanks
  10. Thanks very much for everyone replies so far, it’s nice to get some feedback from guys who know what they are looking at and talking about. I will get some Pre-Op and Post-Op pics up asap, as I need to retrieve them from a couple different devices first.. to answer your question Tbcruz, yes the 3622 grafts were done in one procedure across 2 days. About 1500 were done on the first day, and the rest on the second.
  11. I had 3622 grafts to my front half, and exactly 8 months and 2 weeks post op now. I’d rather not name the clinic (it wasn’t in Turkey) at the moment as the fact is I’ve not yet reached my full result point in time. So I don’t want myself or others to judge too early despite obviously worrying myself right now. I did have a great experience there, very friendly, very professional team, and extremely clean work. I’m just really hoping for a good yield as it’s pretty critical with my overall donor supply.
  12. Ok so I just wanted to ask what you guys out there real experiences have been following having an FUE procedure with regards to regrowth time frames..Most material I have found online is suggesting that by about 9 months you would have sprouted almost all your implanted FU's and pretty much already have the bulk of your total yield, that there will be very minimal change onwards towards 12 months as far as density numbers, mainly just maturing.I'm asking this as I'm approaching 9 months and I'm a quite worried about my overall yield, even more so as I know that I have a limited donor area to use for a high Norwood case, probably a NW6 I had planned to work back towards my crown in a 2nd procedure as part my initial 2 stage plan from the start, now I'm worried about not reaching anywhere near my goals...So I'd be very interested to hear genuine experiences and educated opinions on regrowth time frames...Thanks everyone.