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  1. Hey bro, interested to know your hair caliber (in micron) from the rear section of the donor? I saw it was 55 on the side, but what about at the back? Cheers
  2. Very high hair calibre is responsible for the high density result IMO. If you look closely the implanted density is nothing extreme, but the hair caliber makes up for it,
  3. How early after HT can you introduce nioxin shampoo and conditioner?
  4. Hey bro, interested to know the height of the hairline above eyebrows?
  5. I'm currently 4.5 months post op of a 2200 graft fue to the frontal hairline. Have been using a baby shampoo 2-3 times a week as per clinic recommendation, however native hair is fairly dry and brittle and I've got a fair bit of shedding happening which I feel may be related. Considering using the nioxin system of shampoo conditioner and treatment... any thoughts or other suggestions?
  6. I'm currently 3 months post a 2200 fue into the frontal hairline, which is progressing normally. Considering having my Botox updated into the forehead and crows feet area... interested to know if anyone has any experience with this, and whether it could possibly affect growth...