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  1. I posted a while back about my failed FUT procedure, where I got 3200 grafts. Up until this week, I believed I had gotten a 50% yield, however having had in person consultations, I found out that that yield was actually 10% and only 300 or so grafts grew. Luckily, I have 6000 grafts left, via FUE, so I should be able to obtain a decent result, even with the first surgery being a failure. I had my first procedure with a top surgeon, recommended on here, and a few members have asked me who it was as well. I would prefer not giving up their identity just yet, since I have been in touch with them again. The doctor has agreed to transplant more grafts for free, but therein lies the problem. Even though they are highly regarded, I cannot be sure the procedure with them will be a success this time around. The other option for me, is to just find another surgeon and forget about the money I spent so far. At the time of my procedure, I was 21 and even though the clinic asked me to remain in touch, I did not do as asked, even when they tried following up with me. I felt more depressed about my botched procedure which is why I did not contact them at the time. So if anyone has gone through this before, please let me know how your second procedure turned out, if the first one was a failure.
  2. Having had an FUT done and consulted with various doctors for a second FUE procedure, I think I may be able to help out a bit. I think everyone else has already mentioned the pros and cons of one procedure over the other. I personally chose to undergo an FUT first to maximize the amount of grafts that can be extracted from my donor area. The doctor was able to obtain around 3300 grafts the first time around and from my consultation I have a further 5800 grafts left via FUE. I may have an above average donor area, but at the same time, my first procedure failed and only a third of the grafts grew. If I had gone with FUE first and had the procedure failed, I probably would not have had enough grafts for a repair operation. I guess FUT first, followed by FUE, just gives you a bit more hair to use, and in case you do advance to a high norwood stage, you might have enough grafts to achieve good density at the front and midscalp. with a slightly thin crown
  3. I personally don't think it should take you years to research, but at the same time it is a bad idea rushing into surgery. In my opinion you should at least take about six months, to less than a year for the research and only proceed when you are confident with the Doctor's ability to give you the results you want. If you are going with an FUE procedure, I would ask the Doctor about their graft transection rates, ideally you would want it to be 10% or less. Also you would need to ask about the type of instrument they use, is it micromotor fue, manual fue. or are they using the ARTAS robot. The punch size is also important, the bigger the punch size, the more visible the scarring, if you were to ever shave your head. Of course the most important thing is how much donor hair you have available and what type of density you can expect. Whether or not you would need a second procedure is also an important thing to discuss, and you also have to have an estimate for how much more hair you are expected to lose. I would also suggest finding out how much of the procedure the doctor will carry out. Some places, the doctor only does the opening of the channels, and the extraction and implantation is left to technicians, so that is something you should also keep in mind. Just to add to what the other user said, I definitely agree that some doctors will make you sign NDA, making it harder to find negative reviews. I chose a recommended doctor and ended up with poor results. I have since heard that the doctor does have a few negative results, but have not been able to find them anywhere, so that is something you will have to be careful about. Again, you can ask them what would happen if you were unhappy with your results, but most of them will likely offer you a free second procedure. I personally did not take my doctor up on the offer and am looking elsewhere for my second procedure. I would stay away from any clinic that made you sign a NDA, and I would suggest asking the clinic for the papers they make you sign, before you pay the deposit for the procedure. While the success rate of hair transplants are usually high, sometimes things can go wrong.
  4. I would definitely take finasteride and see if it helps, however at the same time, I would not be discouraged if he is the only doctor that said you are not suitable for a hair transplant. I have consulted with twenty surgeons, in US, Canada and Turkey and Dr Demirsoy was the only one that said my donor area was not suitable for a HT. I have had in person consultations, so the doctors I have consulted with know what they are talking about.
  5. I previously had a hair transplant, a couple of years back, with one of the best surgeons in the world, however, the yield ended up being quite poor. For some reason, only 50% of the transplanted hair grew back. The remaining hair, that was transplanted, has not gotten thick, and remained as short as other miniaturized hair on my scalp. Initially it was thought, that my donor hair was also thinning, and that may have been the reason behind the poor result, however that has been refuted by other surgeons I have consulted. I was offered a second procedure for free, but turned it down and for the past few years, I have used concealers and hats, to cover up whenever possible. I have been on propecia for the past two years, which has helped stabilize my hair loss and I am now looking at having a second procedure. I have consulted, Dr Yaman, Dr Demirsoy, Dr Erdogan, Dr Cinik, Dr Karadeniz, and Dr Acar. So far I am leaning towards Dr Yaman and Dr Cinik, but am not sure, just yet. Dr Yaman suggested 4000-4500 grafts and is pretty confident he can get a good, dense result. I have also had all my questions answered promptly and it is obvious from this and other forums that they have produced some great results. Although, for some reason the price seems a bit too good to be true, which is the only reason I am having doubts. Dr Demirsoy won't perform the procedure as he believes I have a weak donor area and suggested I get on medications instead, which I have already been doing. I have consulted with around 15 other surgeons, within the past six months, and all of them have said I have a good enough donor area for a second, and maybe third procedure, if required. Dr Erdogan suggested around 4500 grafts as well, although the only reason I have not gone with him is due to the cost. The first procedure cost me well over $20,000 and while the second procedure will probably a success, there is always a small chance that it might not give me the results, I am looking for. Dr Cinik has suggested 4500 grafts as well, and mentioned using body hair in case I want to preserve donor hair for the future. My main problem, is the fact that I have read reviews on another site, which mentioned that it is more of a sort of hair mill, with 10 patients a day, which has me concerned. I have also read, that infection control standards may not be as stringent, so if anyone reading this has any experience on this, please let me know. Dr Karadeniz suggested a transplant of 5000 hairs, which for someone who is Norwood 5A is not enough and I did mention this to the person I was consulting with. I was then told we could do a 4000 graft procedure, but I was kind of put off by the fact that 4000 grafts was not their first suggestion. I am pretty sure any doctor looking at the pictures should be able to tell that 5000 hairs would not cover the hairline, midscalp and crown with a decent amount of density. I last contacted Dr Acar and was initially quoted 5500 grafts by his assistant, which changed to 4000 grafts after I told them I had a previous procedure. Least comfortable with their suggestion, since it felt like the doctor did not even take a look at the pictures, or a suggestion of 5500 grafts would not have been made, since at best I can only get another 4500 grafts. They have some good results on their site, but the consultation did not leave me too hopeful about getting a good result. I have narrowed it down to Dr Cinik and Dr Yaman, but am leaning a bit more towards Dr Yaman, but only ever so slightly. If anyone could help me choose between the two, it would be really helpful