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  1. dont do it. There is far too much smoke regarding Diep and his FUT. The amount of questions and regrets over his scar shouldnt be ignored.
  2. Thats not how it works. They are usually big as hospital with 10 teams of 2 person technicians. hair transplants take 6 hours minimum your logic doesnt even make sense.
  3. hah. I dont mind being bald per see but I am not ready for the maintenance at age 28.
  4. HAH! I would be absolutely stunned if i could get that type of hair cut. I would be content and esctatic with 5-7mm all over with consistency and no gaps tbh. I paid 1700usd for the surgery.
  5. Thanks brother. I am not overly worried about ugly duckling stage, work from home and all other activities I can have a hat. Other black men cut their hair at 2-4 week mark and were okay but I am planning to leverage covid and grow my hair out while i can. I'm taking no medication, whatever happens happens but my body is sensitive to medication and it's not worth it too me.
  6. Donor area is definitely my biggest concern but we shall see. Appears to healing ok right now. What parts of the top do you feel look good ?
  7. Day 8 Should I be worried that crust is almost off this early in the process