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  1. Take a look at my post. I went to turkey and went to the clinic I felt comfortable and have had great results so far. 4500 grafts I had pulled and donor is healing nicely. I am already expecting i may have to do another 2000 grafts.
  2. One instance of a botched job means nothing. Fact of the matter is that if you want any meaningful statistical significance you are going to need far more than 1,5, 10 examples. When i say YouTube, I'm not talking about the hair clinics posts, that would be a clear conflict of interest. My point is that there are real people with no affiliation to clinics who are posting their journey on a weekly/monthly basis. You can reach out to them and ask questions like i have, i have a YouTube page that I am posting too sporadically as well. Most people are not interested in forums.
  3. You are wrong. I've posted a thread on my journey and there are dozens of vloggers on YouTube.
  4. Great journey. Expect crickets from here on out, your success isn't good for business.
  5. 2 months. 3 weeks of growth in the pictures. I had shaved everything down around the 6 week mark.
  6. Bumps cleared up with a round of antibiotics. I think folliculitis impact hair growth so I am very happy with where it's at so far.
  7. Got a prescription for cephalexin and hair is night and day, it's incredible.
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