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  1. Hi. Thank you for the valuable contribution. As per the loss, looking at the photographs of about ten years ago, when I was fifteen, the hairline is very similar. There's no actual history in my family - both dad and granddad had a similar hairline, but still did sport some natural volume even in their sixties). As per the clinic, it is where I am based and the prices seem decent for the quality. Most of then want to see me for a consultation, instead of an email, but I'll need to travel for an hour to the next biggest city. I am thinking to take up more effort into this when I do my eye correction at the end of the year. My current goal is to estimate the price and 1750 grafts sounds great.
  2. Hair was like this from about 15. It doesn't get any worse but I feel like the temples are too bald, and also the hairline is higher than usual. Almost 25 now, based in south of Europe and the prices are like 2-2.5 Euro per graft here. Not sure how much will I need - 1500 for the temples? Tried minoxidil and some basic tablets to no help (was like a year). Doesn't seem to reced even without any treatment now or to thin, but I certainly believe that something is definitely off, giving an unpleasant look, making me also looking older in a bad way. Open to any recommendations. To clarify, I just want to look objectively better and not sure how should I go in the realm of hair. Much appreciated. Images attached.