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  1. Tensed right now. Age 24 used rogaine for a year back in 2018 Mixed reviews from surgeon. First clinic says. 3000 grafts are needed to cover up to shiny spot and prp should be done every month in order to cover the bald spots over top. Dht / prp / minoxidil and finast topical Second one says. Hair density is still ok. hair transplant might cause further loss as the thinning is still on. Suggested SCALP MICRO PIGMENTATION. What i want. Long term i just want hair on my top and front. willing to do multiple transplant if it helps covering the shiny scalp temporarily. On other hand should i go back to rogaine and topical finasteride ( if it is safe)
  2. how can we find out whether its dupa or not. and is there any solution for dupa. ? just need hair on top of my head and front side and back i dont think its imp
  3. i am 24 year old right now. so worried if transplant can ever be done in my case. any suggestions will be appreciated.