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  1. Hi LaserCap, appreciate your input. A few questions: 1) What do you mean by the front being "pattern appropriate"? Do you mean having a balding crown but full front is normal? I assumed receding hairline was more common. 2) I can't find many cases like mine perusing the transplant subforum Do you know of any noteworthy ones? Looks like Melvin's is similar. Wow Melvin, this gives me hope since your previous diffuse thinning looks like mine. I watched your Youtube video and have a few questions: 1) Why did you choose the midscalp for your first procedure? (1,800 grafts put in my midscalp in a diffuse pattern) 2) Your next procedure of 2,120 grafts were for your hairline. When did you do your crown, and how many grafts? Was that with Diep too?
  2. Hi all, I've been quoted within 2000 - 3000 grafts for many surgeons, but I have concerns about coverage for diffuse thinners. Going through the forums I haven't seen many examples of what this would look like on diffuse thinners, only receders. I've had consultations with these surgeons: IN PERSON: Diep (2,250 - 3,500), Pak/Rassman (2000 - 2500), Dauer (1500), Abrahamian (2700 - 2800) ONLINE: Vories (3000 grafts) , Konior (wants to see in person), H&W (rejected due to low donor density) , Rahal (rejected due to low donor density), Erdogan (rejected due to low donor density), Rosanelli (rejected due to low donor density)
  3. Wondering if anyone has heard of these guys. All the big American SMP names seem to be in LA or NYC, no one in the Bay Area. https://scalpsociety.com/
  4. Update after speaking with 3 doctors: Rassman: Dr. Rassman asked me to take photos of my donor area using a microscope, based on these instructions: https://newhair.com/baldingblog/how-to-quantify-your-donor-area-hair-supply/ . During our call, he noted that I have "Thick donor hair, many triplets, and 20% better donor area than other Asians he's worked on". Will be meeting him in person to clarify, as this goes against what many other doctors have said... Diep: Saw Dr. Diep again as I am local. I asked him about Rassman's comments, and he noted that while the back of my head is strong, my sides are weak (at least visually, I can confirm). He quoted 2000 - 2500 grafts FUE, but I have misgivings about this number being worth the surgery, given that other Diep FUE patients at that graft amount had frontal hairline recession rather than the large diffuse thinning I have: Konior: Dr. Konior neither approved or rejected me, and I asked for an in person consultation. He has a $400 consultation fee which I find odd considering no other doctor has had such a fee. I don't know if its worth the $400 to see him, especially since I have to fly to Chicago.
  5. Got in contact with Dr. Konior. He has a $400 in person consultation fee which seems extremely high to me.
  6. I appreciate that guys. @gillenator the problem with wearing it longer is, the density difference between the sides and top become much more apparent at longer lengths. I could probably live with the buzz, though I'd want to add SMP.
  7. So buzzed my head down to see what I would look like... not a fan. Gonna be awhile before I can use Toppik again haha. Still slowly getting evals from different docs.
  8. Thank you for sharing. Dr. Konior recommended an in-person evaluation rather than just flat out rejecting me which was heartening. After looking at your weak donor area and your great results, I was also thinking - if Dr. Konior can do it why can't all these other doctors? Why do they choose to reject instead of requesting an in-person consultation?
  9. Wow big improvement. Thanks Nick for sharing on my thread, this is inspring.
  10. So everyone, got H&W and Konior's responses to my pics and looks like there's no hope for me... not only am I in the percentage of men who have MPB, I am in the percentage of men who can't even have a HT. Feeling real down right now. Does anyone know of any threads where the poster is in my position? Just so I could get their perspectives on what to do. H&W Konior
  11. I see. Would a dermatologist perform this? I've gone to two HT surgeon consultations and I don't believe they did anything like this (for the donor area).
  12. I'm mainly concerned that being on the Big 3 has not even halted my hair loss, let alone given me any gains. I see. Thank you for the context. Thanks for the recs. I'm in NorCal but in SoCal often enough, I can make a visit to them. Hi Melvin, I also personally know people that have gone to Diep and don't doubt his skill. However it was concerning to me that after two rejections from Erdogan and Rosanelli, that Diep was willing to perform an operation on me. During the consultation when I pointed out that those two doctors said my donor area was too weak, he deflected my question with a negative statement about HT surgeons in Turkey. I did not push further at that point.
  13. An observation: I read about this forum poster and his SEVEN HT surgeries. This is frightening to me because: He is a handsome man and would pull off a buzzed/bald look easily He is married and in his 40s - why is he still seeking more hair? All the responders in the thread were encouraging of his seventh transplant I mean no negativity to him with this observation. It's just making me think - do I really want to be taking Fin, applying Minox everyday, paying for HTs for the next 20 years? (I'm 26). I hate that I'm losing my hair, but I'm struggling on how much energy I want to devote into this...
  14. I've been to a derm and they weren't really knowledgeable about hair loss - all they did was prescribe me Fin. Is there any MD besides HT surgeons and derms that could diagnose DUPA? Unfortunately I am not able to grow a full beard, only patches I'll plan to take the plunge soon and just buzz it off. If I can accept it... then I can do SMP and close the door on this permanently. Thank you for your feedback. I've heard so much mixed feedback about Diep... during our in person consultation, I felt very rushed which did not instill me with confidence.
  15. Hi all, I'm a bit lost right now and could use some advice. I compared my pictures from Dec 2018 to Dec 2019 and I see worsening hair loss, doesn't seem like the Big 3 is doing anything. I'm also not a great candidate for a HT. June 2018 - Started Minox and Nizoral. Aug 2018 - Started Fin. May 2019 - Rejected by Erdogan for weak donor area. June 2019 - In person eval from Rosanelli (also rejected me for weak donor area). June 2019 - In person eval from Diep (estimated 2,000-5,000 hair grafts to cover the frontal area. The FUE prices are $16,500 for 2,000 grafts and $19,500 for 2,500 grafts. The FUT prices are $12,000 for 2,500 grafts and $20,000 for 4,500 grafts). He was not concerned with my weak donor area - which in itself is a bit concerning as two other HT surgeons had concerns. Seems like my options right now are: What I'm currently doing - No HT, Big 3, Toppik. Give up on HT but continue Big 3 - No HT, Big 3, Buzz + SMP. Give up altogether - No HT, Quit Big 3, Buzz + SMP. Hair System. Continue exploring HT options. HAIR LOSS (1 YEAR, 1st Pic is 2018, 2nd pic is 2019) DONOR AREA
  16. Due to my weak donor area, I've been recommended to due FUT to maximize the grafts. However, in the future if I decide to go buzzed/bald (if not satisfied with my hair) would this be a bad decision? There would be a possibility that not only would I take a loss on the financial cost of the HT, but I would also make my buzz look even worse with the scar.
  17. Hi Sean, Thanks for the advice. I definitely had a blood test done already in Jan, found out I was both Vit D deficient and subclinically hypothyroid. Both those are resolved now due to Vit D supplementation and thyroid medication, but idk how much that was affecting my hair. You are right, it is Asian hair. I am definitely worried about shock loss.
  18. Hi Vickykuril, Thanks for your detailed post! Why do you recommend FUT? Also I did not know that you could extract from the sides of the head? All the videos I see are from the back.
  19. Hi Lennney, Thanks for your input. Regarding hairstyle - I have no qualms changing my hairstyle! Regarding the delta - there was no discussion with Erdogan's patient coordinator in terms of my expectations vs theirs. They took my photos and video of me combing the donor area, and responded with a No. In the initial online intake form, I was very vague on my expectations - I really just want to fill out the top. I'm not expecting a miracle. I'll upload photos in my next post. Thank you MarshallUK. Where did you end up having your HT? Thank you Sean. In what sense do you mean surgery should be a last resort? Thank you Melvin. I will check them out. They are very close to me. In your opinion, is their skill level on par with surgeons I hear about all the time? (H&W, Erdogan, Rahal, etc) I have no issues financially, I just want the best I can get. Which surgeon did you go to, elduterino? Hi Dr. Bloxham, Thank you for taking the time to respond. I'll be uploading pics of my hair loss in the next post. I have a few questions for you, but they are pretty basic as I don't know much about these procedures (and anyone can jump in to answer!) 1) What makes FUT better for weak donors? 2) Are the gaps in my donor area due to retrograde alopecia / DUPA, or is it just weak donor area?
  20. Do you mean the recipient area will look bad due to weak grafts, or do you mean the donor area will look bad? I have been using finasteride 1mg since last year. Are you saying it will help with the donor area? California, USA. I have not, but looks like you guys are recommending I should. I will definitely talk to someone in person. I am in Northern California but I can visit doctors in LA too (I'm assuming the HT surgeons in LA are better?) Thank you, I will look for a live consultation in my area. I'm not very familiar with HTs. Are FUTs better for weak donor areas? My normal haircut is buzzed down sides and back so I'm concerned about the scar being shown.
  21. From Erdogan: "After analyzing your photos Dr Koray Erdoğan found that your DONOR AREA is not strong and thick as it should be for the hair transplantation. Therefore Dr Koray Erdoğan came to the conclusion that your Donor area has a low capacity for the procedure of hair transplantation." Anyone heard of this type of rejection? Since Erdogan is so well respected, does this mean that most other surgeons share his opinion? Pics of my donor area below: Long Long (combed upwards) Short (you can see my donor area has "gaps"?) Buzzed (this is my default look) FRONT VIEW TOP VIEW CROWN VIEW