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  1. In my case for, it was 1500 grafts (FUT) + 1000 grafts (FUE) .
  2. Hi Kiwi Guy, In my case it was different for FUT and FUE. For more details regarding your case, you can directly reach his office and get the quotes.
  3. Hi Kiwi Guy, Thanks. As far as I remember, after extracting the FUT strip, technicians were dissecting the strip and meanwhile Dr K started extracting the grafts via FUE. When all the extraction was done then doctor started implanted all the grafts. As per what I remember, Dr was also cognizant of the time as generally grafts have limited time after the extraction (but there are certain ways to retain the grafts as far as possible without effecting the quality.). I personally didn't felt anything during surgery since was on Valium etc.
  4. HI Kraistoff, At his email which is given on this website (https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/Consult-a-Physician/doctors/Dr-Raymond-Konior/54) I thought that you had HT from Dr Erdogan. Are you planning another surgery or consultation from Dr Konior?
  5. Thanks MM for the kind words. Yes Dr K is really good. The best part is the post operative support and quick responses. It feels like he is always available and usually I get the replies within minutes. I will recommend him to anyone.
  6. Thanks Kraistoff. Saw your thread and growth looks very similar as mine. Are you using any products? Good luck to both of us
  7. Thanks JJ. Do you have any thread of yours or mind sharing your pictures. Who is your doctor?
  8. Thanks Pete. Want to fast forward next few months.
  9. Added 3 pictures around 3.5 months. Starting to notice some new hair in the front. Hoping to get more density in the frontal region. Observed some shock loss at the rear (below the FUT scar) 1 month post op and got really worried. Spoke to doctor about it and he advised to wait until 3-4 months for shock loss to subside. It is far better now with some hair popping out lately below the scar. Will share the pictures of the scar at 4 months mark. Fingers crossed for months ahead. Let me know your comments about where I stand at this milestone based on your experience.
  10. Thanks. I hope so. I just wanted to be in town for few more days just in case something goes wrong and to get good post op care which was fantastic. I had been going daily after the surgery for cleaning and stuff. My staples were out next day and sutures were taken out on 13th day by local doctor (usually taken out between 10-14 days). If you are in town for 2 weeks, somebody in doctors clinic will take them out for you.
  11. Here are couple of pictures of the recipient and donor area on day 16. Most of the scabs and crust on the front have fallen off at this point. Got rid of the sutures at day 13. My local doctor who took the sutures out was very impressed with the fine incision and sutures. He even mentioned that these are one of the best that he has ever taken out. (Still have little numbness near the incision. ) I was still in dilemma to use Finasteride due to the side effects. So planning to use the topical Finasteride as I read in some threads that it has less side effects comparatively. (Please share your feedback if someone has used topical Finasteride before and how was the experience with the same in terms of the hair growth/retention and side effects)
  12. Thanks Aaron and best of luck for yours. How many grafts are you planning in your case? Yes the work was so clean that even the doctor seemed happy about it. I am satisfied so far and hoping to get good results. Scar is pretty sleek and I am happy to see that it came out the way it is. Dr. K did a great job. Also, the scar length is pretty small as the doc wanted to cover just the high quality area with good density due to my weak sides.I am hopeful that it is going to be almost invisible in few weeks. I am not so sure about retrogade alopecia but yes I have weak sides since childhood. I guess the nape area is looking very thin in only that pic due to the fact that the hair stylist kept my nape cut too low. Generally it is not that low and seems fine to me usually. Just reached today back from Chicago after 8 days. I will post some fresh picture soon.
  13. Hi Melvin, I agree that donor is very week as told by doctor as well after seeing this picture. This picture was taken just after an aggressive hair cut. But after direct examination by doctor, he mentioned that a central patch in the back of my head is comparatively better and a short strip can be taken from there followed by more hair via FUE from different places to reach the desired number of grafts and to ensure that the scar is not visible. Attaching another picture before hair cut.
  14. Hi Gasthoerer, I was able to get a picture of the pre op donor area. Here you go. Thanks!
  15. History before My Hair Transplant Surgery- I first noticed my hair loss at the age of 24,I began to notice thinning in my crown area along with receding hairline. As a result I started feeling self-conscious in public. I naturally have very fine hair which has always made it a challenge to cover up my receding thinner areas. Next Steps And Why I Chose Dr Konior:- At my 30’s, hair loss was at its worse. After trying numerous different shampoos and products available on the market with no improvement, I started researching the possibility of a hair transplant. After a long process of narrowing down few surgeons by reading through the websites, blogs and chatting with few senior members in this forum (which truely helped me a lot), I couldn’t stop noticing that Dr.Konior had one of the best reputation in the lot with great results. Finally I decided to pull the trigger and scheduled a meeting in person with Dr Konior last year.After examining my hair, he suggested that since I have a weak donor area (specially on both the sides), my case needs to be handelled strategically. The best way to proceed would be to go through a combination of FUE and FUT to get desired number Of grafts.I felt very confident after meeting him and decided to book my surgery with him. It felt like a perfect choice and worth waiting an year (because of his busy schedule).Dr konior and his office staff has always been available from the very begining until the day of my surgery. Experience on the Surgery Day:- On the day of my surgery, the staff and doctor were very gentle and cordial to all my needs and my questions. Doctor took an hour to analyse my hair, scalp, designing my hairline and strategy to proceed with combination of both FUT and FUE. We decided to focus on a decent frontal look for now and leave the crown area for future. He also examined my beard and chest hair for future use and luckily it has potential of another 3000 grafts in case a need arise in future to use them. After a 12 hour surgery(which went very smooth), I was thrilled to see my new hair line. I must say Dr konior is very knowledgeable and hard working. He was present throughout my entire surgery and managed to get around 2500 grafts of my week donor area. It has been 3 days post my surgery and I have been going daily to the clinic for check up and cleaning. I felt that comfort and personnel attention from the staff during all my visits. I am waiting for my hair to grow now!! Very excited!! Below are some of my pre and post op pictures.