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  1. Thank you. Yes, the area has stayed the same and my hair loss seems to have stabilized as of around 2013 or so. I am going to continue researching. I appreciate your insight.
  2. Not that I know of. But then again, I haven't had someone examine my scalp in years, and haven't seen a dermatologist since I was a scene. 33 Valid point. As with HT's, I've been obsessive with SMP research, and have found who I believe to be the best in the world in Milan. There's also an incredible practitioner based in NY, which is only 4-5 hours from me, but I would likely go to Milan. If I did opt for the SMP approach, I would want the best available treatment. Boston Thank you for the kind words Raphael! I answered above.
  3. Thanks for letting me know. I've been looking through the site, but do you happen to have links for these examples? I would like to evaluate the SMP + FUE combo procedures to see how natural the results look. As far as I know this was a failed experiment, but I could be wrong..
  4. Thank you very much for the reply. A proper consultation would help you. And, if the doctor is ethical and honest, he would probably recommend adding density to the front and top and leave medical therapy for the back. There appears to be several IHRS surgeons in my area. I'm going to call today to schedule a consultation. I'm hoping he can provide a graft count so I know what I'm working with. I wouldn't be able to have a HT performed in the US, however. I'd likely be looking into Turkey or India! Why make drastic changes? The only drastic change is going to be that of density. At which point, you can just say that you are using Rogaine. I currently wear a hair system, so the change would be drastic. I spend an unusual amount of time ensuring it looks natural, but it's not my hair, so it needs to go in the trash ASAP. You seem to have a lot of miniaturized hair. Doing as many modalities as you can, this may just contribute to the overall impact. By modalities, do you mean regrowth treatments (Min, Fin, PRP, Etc.) ? Yes, I would throw the kitchen sink at regrowth on the crown and thickening of the transplanted areas once it is safe to do following the transplant. Now, let's say you do no meds and go on to be a wide 6. You may have enough donor to do the front and the middle and have an empty back. This is a normal pattern - so you will still look natural. A shame if you decide this course of action given your current situation. I honestly think everything is in your favor. Can you clarify here? Are you saying a higher, age appropriate hairline with good density at the temple and midscalp areas with a gradient effect fading towards the crown would be the best move? I was thinking I could either wear a partial system on the crown or use Toppik there if possible until I'm able to receive a second HT to fill in the crown. Do you think I could achieve moderate density over most of my bald area with a large FUT + regrowth treatments? Or would you recommend multiple HT's?
  5. Hi Melvin, Realistically, I would be over the moon with comparable results to the below. I do understand that barring a miracle megasession (not likely), that a result like this would likely take more than one session. Can you confirm that? Basically if I can achieve enough density to apply hair fibers or SMP to give myself the appearance of moderate density, that would be sufficient considering my current state. I think my next course of action is to schedule a consultation with a HT surgeon in my area for purposes of getting a graft count so I know what I'm working with. Any idea of how many grafts you estimate I'm working with? BTW my hair loss appears to have stabilized as of 5-6 years ago.
  6. @Melvin-Moderator That's quite the transformation, although I can imagine that would cost upwards of $20,000 and a decent amount of time hiding under a hat while recovering after each procedure. I was hoping an FUT to fill in the hairline and midscalp and an FUE some time after to cover the scalp would be sufficient.
  7. @hairlossPA thanks for the reply. My pics are below. Note: I have more hair on my crown but it is regularly shaved down as I've gone the hair system route lately. They look and feel undetectable but involve too much maintenance so getting ready to shave and call it a day or actually do something about this in the next 6 months or so.
  8. After going to great lengths to cosmetically conceal my hair loss, I've began to seriously look at HT's. I wanted to consult with the forum here to see what is realistically possible for high Norwood cases. I've been letting hair loss really get me down and I would be happy with even moderate coverage to use hair fibers with. NW6 - Pics included in a prior thread. Standard NW6 pattern but I have many miniaturized hairs on my crown. I'm managing my expectations of what I could realistically expect even with maxing out my donor. My donor hair is somewhere between thick and fine and hard to categorize. It is curly when grown out. I have never taken medication for hair loss. I'm not entirely sure what Fin, Min, etc. could even do for me as I have been bald for 6+ years. I would of course be open to starting Fin, Min, etc. prior / following a HT at the request of the Dr and would include supplemental things like Dermarolling and Nizirol Shampoo, etc. as well. It appears that for advanced hair loss, that FUT is the preferred method for the initial transplant, followed by FUE down the line. With that being said, I am looking primarily at clinics in Turkey due to my budget. It appears that all perform only FUE. The FUT scar doesn't bother me as I've never cut my hair short. On the opposite end, I would be open to having a large FUE to achieve moderate density all over, and have SMP after for a density fill in. Questions: Could I achieve identical results with a large session FUE? (5,000+ grafts) as opposed to FUT? Ideally, I'd love to have a large FUT performed by Hasson & Wong for optimal results, but they are a bit outside of my budget! What clinics in Turkey are the best for transformative cases? I've seen some promising results from Erdogan, Eugenix, and Dr. Cinik on the forum, but wasn't sure if there was a general consensus.
  9. Thanks for the response Jon. May I ask why you'd like to go with Dr. Cinik. Is it because he operates with body hair as well to maximize your graft count? I'm just starting my research, but Dr. Korey Erdogan is a name I'm seeing quite a bit, and I do like the results I've been seeing, although I need to continue my research. I will likely get shave down, get SMP and aim for regrowth via Fin, etc and connect the results with FUT/FUE in a year's time (or when it becomes an option financially), or jump right into an FUT/FUE once I find a doctor (and one that would be willing to operate considering my advanced hair loss). Your hair loss pattern does look identical to mine!
  10. Thanks for sharing Melvin. I watched your story, it's quite the transformation. How many procedures have you had in total? With my current level of hair loss, do you think I could realistically achieve moderate density all over to supplement with SMP with a single FUE procedure? I'm apprehensive about FUT, as I don't know how I could deal with the massive scar. I'd like to know what to anticipate and if there's any hope for me. Any advice would be appreciated. I do plan on starting Fin, Min, and Microneedling, etc. to hopefully achieve some regrowth, although I fear that due to my age and the amount of time that these areas have been bald, that the follicles might be dead.
  11. I wanted to check in with the helpful folks here for some advice as I start my hair restoration journey. I'm 33, although my hair loss began around 21. I'm now a NW6, although my hair loss has been stable since I was 28. I've never taken any of the Big 3, but will likely start in the next 3-4 weeks once I can get a dermatologist appointment locked in. Note: My hair was grown out at the time of these pictures 3 weeks ago as I previously wore a hair system. I have a bit more density on my crown area as well, I simply had it shaved down a bit to attach the system. I plan on starting Fin + Microneedling within 30 days, and would like to begin researching FUE options as well, in the hopes that I can connect the results with FUE. My side and back profiles can be seen in the mirror. What can I expect from FUE in my current state? I understand that I can't expect to have anything close to a NW2 again, but I would be satisfied with light-moderate density all over, at which time I could buzz it down and add SMP for additional volume. I'm also aware that I could potentially have my hairline and temple areas restored, but leave the crown alone. Assuming I can find someone in Turkey that will operate on me, what can I expect to achieve? Should I throw the Big 3 at it for some time to see what I can achieve in terms of regrowth before scheduling a consultation? Any help would be appreciated. I would like to do everything I can to restore atleast a portion of my hair.