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  1. Thanks for the response Jon. May I ask why you'd like to go with Dr. Cinik. Is it because he operates with body hair as well to maximize your graft count? I'm just starting my research, but Dr. Korey Erdogan is a name I'm seeing quite a bit, and I do like the results I've been seeing, although I need to continue my research. I will likely get shave down, get SMP and aim for regrowth via Fin, etc and connect the results with FUT/FUE in a year's time (or when it becomes an option financially), or jump right into an FUT/FUE once I find a doctor (and one that would be willing to operate considering my advanced hair loss). Your hair loss pattern does look identical to mine!
  2. Thanks for sharing Melvin. I watched your story, it's quite the transformation. How many procedures have you had in total? With my current level of hair loss, do you think I could realistically achieve moderate density all over to supplement with SMP with a single FUE procedure? I'm apprehensive about FUT, as I don't know how I could deal with the massive scar. I'd like to know what to anticipate and if there's any hope for me. Any advice would be appreciated. I do plan on starting Fin, Min, and Microneedling, etc. to hopefully achieve some regrowth, although I fear that due to my age and the amount of time that these areas have been bald, that the follicles might be dead.
  3. I wanted to check in with the helpful folks here for some advice as I start my hair restoration journey. I'm 33, although my hair loss began around 21. I'm now a NW6, although my hair loss has been stable since I was 28. I've never taken any of the Big 3, but will likely start in the next 3-4 weeks once I can get a dermatologist appointment locked in. Note: My hair was grown out at the time of these pictures 3 weeks ago as I previously wore a hair system. I have a bit more density on my crown area as well, I simply had it shaved down a bit to attach the system. I plan on starting Fin + Microneedling within 30 days, and would like to begin researching FUE options as well, in the hopes that I can connect the results with FUE. My side and back profiles can be seen in the mirror. What can I expect from FUE in my current state? I understand that I can't expect to have anything close to a NW2 again, but I would be satisfied with light-moderate density all over, at which time I could buzz it down and add SMP for additional volume. I'm also aware that I could potentially have my hairline and temple areas restored, but leave the crown alone. Assuming I can find someone in Turkey that will operate on me, what can I expect to achieve? Should I throw the Big 3 at it for some time to see what I can achieve in terms of regrowth before scheduling a consultation? Any help would be appreciated. I would like to do everything I can to restore atleast a portion of my hair.