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  1. Hi Newby888 and HRSN community, This is a response to Newby888 and my last post (for some years at least) . I have written extensively already for 8 months now and have completed my mission of giving a full and honest recount of my experience. I want to move on with my life now. Thanks for understanding. So now my answers. 1. No topik or any concealer was applied. That would defeat the purpose of these posts so would not make sense to do. 2. I am not an expert on density. What I can tell you is that I feel my density has improved somewhat from month 5 (approximately 35% mor
  2. Hi GEazy and everyone, Here's my latest and last update at month 8. Overall, I am very satisfied I did the HT with Dr. Laorwong (thank you Doctor). I believe the density to be good enough and the hairline to look good and natural. Conclusion: I am a happy dude and am happy to recommend the Dr. Laorwong one more time. I hope all these posts have been useful to you and invite you to share your own experience to assist others. ps. In the pics below, I have a lot of hair and my hair is curly so the density is slightly more accentuated on these pics but even with short hair the result is
  3. Thanks Elduterino. Yes, even though my haircut and combing on the picture was pretty bad, I can attest that the hairline looks natural. Good luck with your own final result. Looking good so far.
  4. Hi Wendell, Thanks for your post. Not sure about the density really but for sure a big difference with "before". You can find "before" pics if you go back up the trail of posts.
  5. Hi everyone, I have reached the 5 months mark and I am "for now" 88% satisfied with the result. (I made an edit here as previously I had made a mistake and declared I had reached the 6 months mark). As you can see from the pictures, I have a full head of hair again and I am definitely very happy I did the surgery. Would I do it again with Dr. Laorwong? The answer is still yes. On the downside, if one looks a little closely, one can still see some gaps between the hairs. I would say that where I got the grafts I have about 50% to 60% of the density as compared to where I still have m
  6. Hi everyone, I am posting and commenting on the progress of my hair 3 months after the transplant operation. You will forgive me if I did not post an update after 2 months. I was a little lazy and in my opinion nothing changed between month 1 and month 2. Speaking of changes, I also do not see much even any change at all 3 months post-op but from my previous readings, this is normal as hair is only supposed to "start" growing after 3 months so nothing to worry about for now. Hopefully, next month we can start to see a difference. What has surprised me most so far is that I did
  7. Hi Tor, Thanks for remark. In my comment above, I say "possibly" because it is not yet obvious but it should happen soon if it has not yet started I think. Best.
  8. Hi everyone, A quick update 1 month post-FUE. I am doing well I think. I developed some folliculitis after 2 weeks (aka. some pimples) but using the local antibiotic the Doctor and assistant gave me, it has gone away and I keep it in check with that. I also developed some relative pain at some point on the donor area. It did not prevent me from sleeping so it was bearable but I wanted to understand the issue and get rid of the problem so I went to consult a Doctor where I was at. She was not a specialist but said she could not see anything out of the ordinary and said there was
  9. Hi guys, I hope everyone is well. @Edulterino: to answer your question, the Doctor told me he would do and did PRP but I did not get a chance to see it or feel it performed as you don't get to see the ops (your eyes are covered) and you are in a half asleep state. I just trusted the Doctor. Maybe you can ask him to notify you when he does it? @Tor: thanks for the compliment. I really hope it pans out well in the end. So far so good. To answer your question, I totally concur with Edulterino. Myself, I paid the initial deposit through wire transfer then brought like 6000 Euros w
  10. Hi Mikey, Thanks for your feedback. That's good to hear. I will be posting results every month as mentioned.
  11. Thanks Elduterino for your feedback. @ ALL: Whan, Doctor Laorwong's assistant sent me their pre-op and next day post-op pics. I share them with you. Cheers. Peter
  12. Hi everyone, As promised, here are my post op pics 6 days after as well as my personal feedback on the following: 1. pre operation process 2. operation day on November 22 (6 days ago) 3. follow up. I will be glad to receive comments from the contributors with enough experience to judge the work performed. I had according to the Doctor about 2400 grafts placed up front and a total of 150 grafts on my temples. I am still waiting for Dr. Laorwong and his assistant Whan to send me their professional pre and post operation pics. They have not yet send them yet but I will sh
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