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  1. Thank you May I ask you one question? Have you ever seen any case that has permanent discoloration in the recipient area?
  2. Thank you for your reply no, there is not. just one hair transplant. the skin between the grafts is also dark. Isn't it supposed to be the same color as normal skin?
  3. I had a hair transplant 7 months ago. In the pictures, I shaved my hair to see the skin under my transplanted hair. Why does my skin at the recipient area still not look normal? How long does it take for the skin to go back to normal? or will it ever be normal before a hair transplant? Thank you
  4. I had hair transplant 6 weeks ago. About 95% of my transplanted hair fall out since week 3. So far I don't feel I have shock loss on my native hair. I think I can see hair on my hairline start growing. I have two questions. 1. Am I safe from shock loss by now? 2. Since doctor did transplant about 1 cm into my hairline.Over time, without taking medication, does transplanted hair have an effect on surrounding native hair? I head that hair transplant can accelerate surrounding hair to fall, but is this side effect one time thing? (due to the transplantation procedure) or does it keep affecting the native hair? (due to the existence of transplanted hair) Thank you very much