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  1. Can you tell me the date of that procedure EJ?

    It shows as 2012 i know. However, you state that 'you waited until now'? What was the actual date of your procedure?

    1. ej


      it was 2003 when you where NHI I posted asking for help as one side stretched very badly

      I am much improved now and as you have said moved on

      Many Thanks


  2. You know what Troll? In the final analysis, It's our past patient's that counter garbage like you, old mate. That's why all the trolls in the world mean nothing. Keep trolling on lol....
  3. Any shit that comes up, is from your fellow Trolls, Troll. As I said, I have hundreds of guys who can vouch for mine, and my surgeon's excellent work. Anyway, I have work to do. Can't spend my time chatting with mindless, senseless trolls can i now?
  4. Sorry EJ, that's because I'm unfamiliar with this site. Not even sure whether I'm responding to you now or not?
  5. As I said, I have hundreds of guys who will vouch for our services. I wouldn't come back to the UK because of the weather. The only stuff you'll find on Google, is from faceless, gutless trolls old buddy, just like yourself, who remain anonymous, hiding behind caricatures . Find me someone with a name, that can claim anything but excellence from myself and my surgeon?
  6. The only one hiding around here is you, Troll. I have no problem talking to trolls on this forum. I don't have anything to hide. All of our patients are connected to past patients, like the guy who just responded the other troll. I have hundreds of guys who will offer to vouch for both myself and my surgeon's reputations. You just keep hiding troll. and spewing out your garbage.
  7. We used to operate from premises we rented in Harley Street troll. We quit them 4 years ago. I was referring to a time we were based in the UK on a regular basis. That's what i was talking about. As I said, the last time he operated out of Rejuvenate was 4 months ago. Try booking his services now. Apart from that, as I said, nobody can match the prices we offer, whether he is operating out of a clinic in London or not. The partner clinic will always charge a lot more than we do. Have you got it now Troll?
  8. Hello again Troll. Dr. Tsounis hasn't operated out of Rejuvinate clinic for the past 4 months. He only goes over by request from time to time. He's resident in Greece and his main clinic is in Greece, where the Artas Sytem is. Nobody can match the prices we quote, particularly in the UK. So, as I say, get your facts rights and go troll somebody else.
  9. Get your facts right. Dr. Tsounis hasn't worked out of the UK for the past 4 years. We cut out the costs of hiring facilities in Harley Street, long time ago, and passed on the savings to our patients. We now offer free Skype online consultations for treatment at our Athens Clinics. We specialise with the Artas Robotic System, which is a fixture at our Athens Clinic So, I'm telling you your wrong - Your just another troll buddy. Mal http://omicsgroup.org/editor-biography/Malcolm_Mendelsohn/
  10. I was scammed recently, yes me, a guy who’s spent years warning others about scams in my industry!! I responded to an email from a ‘so-called’ digital marketing company offering sales leads they claim to have acquired, as a result of a health marketing campaign. 22,000 responses from people being offered sizeable discounts for hair-loss related services. So, I transferred my money into his account and got a response telling me that the 22,000 emails had risen to 33,000 and they were sending me additional 11,000 emails as a bonus. A week later I sent out the 1st 5000 emails as a tester. Approximately 4800 went straight to Spam! I contacted the supplier and he gave me several reasons as to why this had happened. He suggested that I make One or Two minor adjustments, one of which was to use a dedicated server and send them out again. I responded to his email to ask him another question, and lo and behold, my email bounced! I then revisited his website, and yes, you guessed, I got an error message to say that ‘this site had been suspended’! That was 3 Months ago and, as the days go by, the anger that I feel at being scammed subsides, little by little, as the memory fades. Then, I consider myself lucky. Lucky? Yes, very lucky!! What if I had been scammed, and the damage was permanent. When, every time I looked in the mirror, I was reminded of the abuse? Like my new friend, who has just written me. He’d responded to an advert from a Turkish hair transplant clinic. A clinic offering him a full-head hair transplant for £2,400. Yes £2,400 for 4000 hair grafts. The price including his air fare, his hotel costs and his collection and return to the airport. One can only question, how much of that money was left to pay for his surgery? Can you imagine, having to be faced with such a dilemma 24/7 for the rest of your natural life? It’s not worth thinking about!! But, that’s what happened to this young man. The answer is in his results. Look for yourself: The Clinic concerned had used 2 hair grafts. Grafts with an average hair content of 2 hairs. Most ‘legitimate’ clinics use the ‘Selection’ process. This is when the doctor and his/her team ‘select’ the hair grafts with the highest hair content. Using magnified ‘visors’ with which to identify, select and remove the bigger grafts. Not just single and 2 hair grafts, which we use to produce a ‘natural’ looking hairline but 3/4/5 and even 6 hair grafts* to give their patients the most volume/density available, behind the front hairline and top scalp. A process that takes time, and time costs money. A little more than my young friend paid. This clinic had tried to cover a vast area of baldness with low-density 2 hair grafts. The results can be seen. Big gaps between the grafts and areas of baldness behind the patient’s ear where the young trainees had over-harvested his donor site. The patient has even been forced to comb part of his thicker, side growth, onto his top scalp to add a little more volume to his ‘spaced-out’ results. He told me he’d tried growing the hair longer at the back to disguise the bald patches behind his ears, but the longer he grew his hair, the more noticeable the loss became. 4000 x 2 hair grafts, produces approximately 8000 hairs. Whereas, 4000 grafts using the ‘selection’ process can produce up to 10,400 hairs. 2,400 extra hairs that could have meant the difference between a ‘see-through’ result and a ‘natural’ looking result? 4000 x 2 hair grafts, produces approximately 8000 hairs. Whereas, 4000 grafts using the ‘selection’ process produces up to 10,400 hairs. 2,400 extra hairs that could have meant the difference between a ‘see-through’ result and a ‘natural’ looking result? Added to which, Clinics using the ‘selection’ process could have produced the same number of 8000 hairs by harvesting around 3100 grafts. So, not only did this clinic produce an unacceptable result, they wasted 900 of this patient’s grafts. Grafts that he now badly needs to add volume to his ‘see-through’ results. Grafts that are no longer available to him. Apparently, the clinic who performed this man’s hair transplant didn’t use qualified nurses to pluck out his grafts. They, like the vast majority of the Turkish clinics, use young, non-medical trainees to pluck-out the grafts ad hoc. In fact, their young ‘victim’ told me, the only time he saw the doctor was when his hairline was marked out. The rest of his procedure was performed by assistants. So Why, when you search for hair transplant clinics on the net, don’t you hear of cases like this? The answer is simple. These clinics hire SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts to ‘lose’ the negative publicity. They ‘push’ the complaints to the bottom, out of sight. However, as time goes by and the truth of what’s happening in Turkey spreads, and institutes like the I.S.H.R.S. (International Society of Hair Restorations Surgeon’s) voice their opinions, the truths is beginning to come out: http://www.ishrs.org/search/node/Turkey The press too has finally highlighted the sheer, criminal enormity of the problem: https://www.pressreader.com/uae/the-national-news-business/20161003/281500750747858 Even veterans of the industry like me, having written numerous articles on the subject, are beginning to have their views published: https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/3e51d6f7-5f7c-4ac8-ab5b-2c1eb2ffda0e Unfortunately, the responses from the top, has come a little too late. Too late to save my unfortunate young friend, from a lifetime of using hair-thickening ‘fibres’ with which to disguise his misfortune. Too late to help the 1000’s of guys like him, that have been hidden from public view by a virtual army of S.E.O. experts. * 4, 5, and 6 hair grafts are generally split, to avoid a 'clumpy' effect in the front hairline and recession areas.
  11. Yes, you're right EJ. At that time I was working with a doctor called Santos. When I was referring patient's to DHI.  Santos was one of DHI's doctors.

    I discovered that Santos was ripping-off some of my patient's, He wasn't giving them the number of grafts agreed. Hence my refunding the difference between what you paid for, and what you actually received. I did the same with a number of other of Santo's's patients.

    After dumping DHI, I started to get malicious comments about me in various chat rooms. Most were signed with the initials CG. The initials of the owner of DHI. Costas Giotis. there were others, which were unsigned.

    Unfortunately,  your post referred to Dr. Tsounis, the surgeon I have worked with ever since dumping Santos, 15 years ago. 

    Dr. Tsounis's work is excellent, and I have never had a sleepless night, worrying about our patient's well-being ever since. 

    Hence my anger toward you EJ. It would have helped if you'd got your facts right mate.

    Time to move on EJ.



  12. My apologies, and, of course you are quite right. I shouldn't have involved your clinic. However, I'm simply not going to stand back, and let the man attack me in such a way, without fighting back. I've spent a lifetime fighting against corruption and misrepresentation within the industry, and in my book, this man is just another example of the trolls, hiding behind their anonymity. Once again, you have my sincere apologies. Mal.
  13. My apologies, and, of course you are quite right. I shouldn't have involved your clinic. However, I'm simply not going to stand back, and let the man attack me in such a way, without fighting back. I've spent a lifetime fighting against corruption and misrepresentation within the industry, and in my book, this man is just another example of the trolls, hiding behind their anonymity. Once again, you have my sincere apologies. Mal.
  14. Seems like my very vocal troll, EJ, has gone shtum? What's up buddy? Lost your voice lol?
  15. Seems like my very vocal troll, EJ, has gone shtum? What's up buddy? Lost your voice lol?
  16. Have you ever been trolled on the Internet? Had someone tell a pack of lies about you, anonymously? I have, some years ago.. All one had to do, was to enter my name into Google, and up they ‘popped’ Stuff like, ‘Don’t deal with this guy, he’s a conman’, and other similar comments. Comments designed to attack their victims reputation, and cause damage to their business’s. Comments, that are almost impossible to deal with. Simply because the perpetrators are invariably anonymous, hiding behind their anonymity. What makes it even more hurtful, is that throughout my career, I have written and published numerous articles warning unsuspecting clients, of the dangers of dealing with ‘rogue’ hair transplant clinics, and the physical, and psychological damage that many of these unregistered clinics can inflict on their unsuspecting patient’s. Many, of which use non-medical trainees to perform surgical procedures on their unfortunate victims. In fact, you only have to check-out the majority of my articles on LinkedIn, to understand how deeply I feel about misrepresentation and misinformation in my industry The question is, how do you counter claims from invariably anonymous individuals, intent on causing you, and your business harm? It’s virtually impossible. Trolls spread lies, deceit, and cause damage, and they enjoy every minute they can make someone else miserable. To quote another internet writers definition of trolls: ‘They may be obnoxious teens, but, more often than not, they’re seemingly “normal” adults who use internet anonymity to shed their veneer of decency and show their ugly selves. Trolls are basically cyber bullies on steroids – cowards afraid to show their face but nastier and more dedicated than garden-variety bullies. They are often fairly tech savvy, willing to dig up a comment or information from your past to distort, thereby “justifying” their actions’. So, why, you may ask, do I find myself highlighting my past problems with trolls, after many years of being ‘troll free’? The answer is, that someone new has risen his ugly head, only this time he’s not entirely anonymous. In fact, this guy is one of the ‘so called’ 'senior member' on one of the more reputable hair sites. Let’s take a closer look at what he’s saying, with reference to ‘yours truly’. My own experience of him was that of a car `salesman` who told me i had the donor for 3k grafts via fue. He then showed me a video of himself having the fue procedure. He suckered me in as I was young and naive. When I got to Greece the Dr took two strips either side of my head leaving me with massive scars and little growth. Firstly, he’s saying he was advised to have F.U.E, (Follicular Unit Extraction), which is requires no strips, Is the most non-invasive procedure available, that leaves virtually no scars – only detectable on shaving the patient’s donor area to skin. Then he says that when he got to Greece, he had two strips taken? Well he may claim to have been young and naive, but he surely will have had enough intelligence to recognize the difference between F.U.E., and Strip surgery? Every move our surgeon makes, is clearly explained to our patient's prior to it happening. If he booked for F.U.E. then F.U.E., is what he will have had. To perform F.U.T., on a patient who booked for F.U.E. would be criminal, and gross misrepresentation. So, why isn’t EJ making that claim? Because it simply didn’t happen, is the answer. On my return I knocked on Malcolms door and he gave me some money back as basically I was not leaving, if you know what I mean.The man is an utter scumbag, and not to be trusted, he hides away in Greece now. Now, presumably E.J’s comments, are to give the impression of what a cool guy he really is. He claims to have knocked on my door and demanded, and got some of his money back? Not so cool, when you read that he booked F.U.E, and then sat back while our doctor performed F.U.T. (Strip surgery) on him? And why would we give him some of his money back? it takes several months for him to realise the results of his procedure? So, what reason would we have to returned part of his money? It couldn’t have been because he was unhappy with is results: Or is he saying he demanded money back in the UK, at a later date? I don’t think so. We ceased consulting out of the UK, after a couple of Months? We decided it was more cost-effective to consult online with Skype, or use prospective patient’s photos to assess their needs. This way we could afford to reduce the costs to our patient’s. By cutting out the expense of my hiring consulting rooms in Harley Street, flights, hotels etc. So, is EJ claiming he flew back to Greece to get his refund? Again, why would we agree that, when he’s just had his procedure, and would have had no valid reason for a refund? Now, let’s deal with the real reason that EJ would want to blacken my name, to a prospective client of ours? Well, after slagging me off to Fahri, EJ suggested he consider Belgium? Why would he do that? Could if be, that the doctor he recommended, Dr Bisanga, is based in Belgium? So, I researched Dr. Bisanga in Google, and low and behold, Dr. Christian Bisanga Hair Transplant Surgeon in Brussels, Belgium The good doctor is in indeed, based in Brussels. Surprise, Surprise!! Now were getting to the possible reasons for all this slander. Could it be our friend EJ, is using his position on the Hair Restoration Social Network site, as a tool to switch other peoples prospective clients to his doctor in Belgium? That, my good buddy EJ, is more than likely, getting a commission from Dr. Bisanga? I’ll let others members of this, be the judge of that? I would like to add a little advice to others on this site, commenting on their own results: Many patient’s of hair restoration, fail to consider, that when they have their hair transplanted, they will invariably continue to lose their existing hair. That is, assuming they are not using one of the hair drugs, or low level laser therapy to maintain that existing growth, and they are still suffering mail pattern baldness. So, when someone claims to have had little growth, it’s more than likely, their transplanted growth, will have replaced their original, ‘natural’ growth. Finally, as I have been advised, the Hair Restoration Social Network site, is not to be used, as a platform for clinics, or those connected to clinics, as a tool to promote their businesses. I would respectfully ask this of their management. Gentlemen, I am writing in response to claims against my reputation, I would respectfully ask, that I am able to publish a link to a recent article. An article designed to warn anyone considering hair restoration surgery, of the misrepresentation, and misinformation circulating on the internet My regards, Malcolm.