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  1. So yes I understand that a hair transplant is the illusion of density. My question is, if my hair is calculated at 75 per cm2 and i get a hair transplant at 50 per cm2 then shouldn't my hair appear pretty much the same as native, as from everything I've heard, you need to have less than half your native density for the naked eye to even tell that hair is being lost
  2. So what is the common census on when the shed can start post operation? What is the earliest one could expect shedding to occur, I have read so many different things, from a week, or two weeks, to when crusts are removed (its at this part that I've read a lot of people freaking out, but should only worry if there was blood involved), to a month after, just curious!
  3. can anyone recommend a real good neck pillow?
  4. What really sealed the deal for me is the growth guarantee, everyone knows any dr. can have a great, subpar, or even bad result, I just couldn't find myself pulling the trigger with that kind of money on a doc with no growth guarantee
  5. So after all my consults, for his track record of results, ease of contact, (his patient advisor Aaron was so quick and helpful with responses) price, and the fact that my work is mostly around the hairline, I have decided to go with Dr. Rahal, made my deposit today, and in May I am heading to Ottawa!
  6. I just got my quote back today from Dr. Rahal, I have heard a lot of good things about him, and his quote is for 1600 grafts, and it is in my range of being able to afford, with his guarantee and track record I am strongly leaning towards him, can anyone shed some further light on this Dr?
  7. Honestly Nadimi was the first to quote me such a low amount of grafts, I guess that makes a big difference, so I am actually considering some other Dr's now. My approach has always been to fill in the temples, but Cinik, and Erdogan both quoted me in the 2k' range, I am still waiting to hear back from a few clinics before I make my choice
  8. I had a Skype meeting with Nadimi, she seemed to really know what she was talking about and confident in her work, She really believes I will need no more than 1200 grafts to fill in my temples
  9. Im not continuing to bald no, but I have already balded, it was just very early in life, 14 years ago, I would still call it a receded hairline, not a mature hairline, but to each his own, i prefer the sound of mature hairline lol, but the recession is further back than what I prefer to have, I have pictures on here if you care to take a look, but nonetheless, it is what it is, good luck!
  10. Yeah that I'm not sure about, nobody in either side of my family has experienced crown loss, just a very early in life receding hairline that stops at a point, for me I've had the same hair since about 18 years old, my dad said his was the same way, and I can see both of my uncles were the same way, as well as my pap, who had more similar hair characteristics to mine being thick and curly
  11. I dont know if it's odd or not, but everyone in my family recedes to a norwood 2/3 very early around the age of 16-18 and we all have kept our remaining hair, my grandfather that passed at 74, and my uncle who just passed at 63 never receded past a 3, but the age where recession happened was extremely early. I dont know if that shed's any light or not, but every male in my family is like that. I can't really speak of my mom's side as there is virtually no recession in my mothers side, but I as well have gotten my fathers side, I was 15/16 and I rapidly receded to a 2/3 and I am 30 now and my h
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