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  1. Im not continuing to bald no, but I have already balded, it was just very early in life, 14 years ago, I would still call it a receded hairline, not a mature hairline, but to each his own, i prefer the sound of mature hairline lol, but the recession is further back than what I prefer to have, I have pictures on here if you care to take a look, but nonetheless, it is what it is, good luck!
  2. Yeah that I'm not sure about, nobody in either side of my family has experienced crown loss, just a very early in life receding hairline that stops at a point, for me I've had the same hair since about 18 years old, my dad said his was the same way, and I can see both of my uncles were the same way, as well as my pap, who had more similar hair characteristics to mine being thick and curly
  3. I dont know if it's odd or not, but everyone in my family recedes to a norwood 2/3 very early around the age of 16-18 and we all have kept our remaining hair, my grandfather that passed at 74, and my uncle who just passed at 63 never receded past a 3, but the age where recession happened was extremely early. I dont know if that shed's any light or not, but every male in my family is like that. I can't really speak of my mom's side as there is virtually no recession in my mothers side, but I as well have gotten my fathers side, I was 15/16 and I rapidly receded to a 2/3 and I am 30 now and my hair hasn't changed a bit and if family history is to guage the future, I will not have any serious further recession.
  4. So everyone obviously wants their transplant to be nice and dense, but when is dense packed, well too dense? So in my consults I have come to terms that in the US, 50 grafts per cm2 is a dense packed hairline, but in places like turkey, I see they are going for 70+ in cases, while some yield good results, I cant help but to think this may be the reason that people are becoming disappointed in their results. When its about graft survival most of the US doc's I have spoken with say that beyond 50 you are suffocating the grafts from proper blood flow and they are dying. The Dr's are very reluctant to go beyond this mark most of the time as I have asked if they could do even 60, they fear for survival of the grafts. The work always looks very clean, atleast what I say from these turkish dr's but could it be too dense packed and starving the grafts of blood flow? I know that everyone reacts differently and there are some who get these mega packed and have outstanding results, but lately I have been seeing a lot of disappointed people and it just makes me a bit curious. If you go for one session at 50 grafts per cm2 , do you risk losing those grafts if you try to pack in more grafts in another session?
  5. And Dr. Cinik does 6 patients a day if anyone wants to know, he also says his tech's all have experience of at least 8 years.
  6. These are my pictures, my hair is wet out of the shower straight under the bathroom light and flash, The results I have seen from Dr. Cinik here, and on the international forums have been really good, and though they are few, Nadimi's results that I have seen have been great, plus she is Konior's student, and she does each graft extracted then implanted. I have been to a few Dr's for in person consultations as well after a reviewer thought I might have miniaturization on top but I have been clarified that I do not have any miniaturization, it is just the flash and the lighting of the bathroom with wet hair, no doctor's have yet to recommend me start on propecia as they have said my hair that I have looks very healthy, however, $10 a graft is just not in my price range. I have thought that Dr. Cinik's results have been very good, which why I had him as one of my prospects and the e-mails have been consistent, informative and quick in response. Nadimi' as well has been very helpful and she does seem very knowledable on what she is doing, furthermore every result I have seen from her it looks as though pretty much every graft has grown and that in itself is important, but like always very open to input!
  7. So I have narrowed down my search to these two Dr's. I have seen work I like from both of them. Yes, I would be saving a lot of money with Dr. Cinik, but with Nadimi I would be the only patient and her place and stick method with manual punch seems to be a good option. They both seem to be producing very good results. What I am asking for is if any patients that have had these Dr's that may not have posted or possibly something that I've missed (I've been scanning forums like a madman) Personally reach out to me with your experiences BAD OR GOOD because I am trying to get as most in depth as I can before I make my decision, its been about a year, year and a half in the search and after my skype and possibly in person meeting with Nadimi later this month, I will be booking with one of the two, thanks so much forum has been much help!
  8. Squidward

    Foreceps vs. Implanter

    It seems like nobodly wants to really speak up about the method of inserting the grafts into the recipient site for the Western Dr's here, I'm going to message them each individually, but I'm pretty sure they mostly use foreceps, though I am surprised with how active some of these members are who have had procedures, and as many views as this post has had that people are reluctanct to comment, however, A few e-mails will clarify. If results are being produced consistently, I dont think the method really matters.
  9. Squidward

    Foreceps vs. Implanter

    I believe the one moderator had his transplant done by Depp, what was the method used to implant the grafts into the recipient site?
  10. Squidward

    Foreceps vs. Implanter

    I know there has to be some patients here that have had these Dr's that can shed some light on this
  11. I was told by this clinic that my technicians that would be working on me have 8 years working experience I think that could be why I keep seeing such good results coming out of this clinic, even if it does have techs working
  12. Squidward

    Foreceps vs. Implanter

    Id be curious, who that's had a Depp transplant or a Hasson & Wong, or Dr. Nadimi, how do they implant their grafts into the recipient?
  13. How do you turn off notifications for a thread?
  14. Hey lukey, I have receded temples, the rest of my hair is in good shape, its a common family trait, my pap died at 74 with my same hairline my uncles have it and so does my father, I have come to a conclusion that I would be happy with the temples filled in even if the hairline was not lowered Those are my pictures, that is out of the shower and wet, I have literally had the same hairline and temple recession since about 16 years of age, where it happens to all the men in my family, but stops right about there. I dont know if I ended up with something weird however, my hair is much thicker and curlier than the other men in my family, more following my grandfathers traits, which he had my hairline and curliness until he passed away, but even mine is still thicker. I tried to take these pictures wet to give the best example, because when dry, my hair is bushy and i've become so good at disguising it, you probably wouldn't guess I need a transplant. But I feel like I've been robbed of my teens and 20's of being able to style my hair how I feel, and now that I am heading into 30 and starting a profession as a teacher, I'm read to fill in those temples, from family history at best, I will MAYBE need 1 more transplant in my lifetime, that of which I am OK with. This 1st one should do me for a great many years so long as I choose a surgeon that will hopefully yield me good results. I'll be upfront and honest I have about 10k to work with and I feel as though from my many consultations I would need a minimum of 1500 and a maximum of about 22-2500 to achieve my desired results. But when it comes to pricing and I have been seeing results from this Dr, or in reality other Dr's from Turkey, I cant help but to put my cards there. I have been really doing my best to research my best options and I have looked at a lot of pre and post op results and the ones I am seeing from this forum and the others, Dr. Cinik's office is producing nothing short of outstanding results. I am awaiting their e-mail on what they guarantee because I am hoping to have my procedure booked for the next few upcoming months (hopefully january/february, which I will document here) I have narrowed my search down to a few clinics in Turkey, Keser (which I cant get his website to work, is anyone having a problem with his captcha? I cant get it to work) Erdogan (which I have been kind of weary about due to some recent results, but his density and now the use of microscopes and his overall involvement in the transplant community is in my mind wonderful) and now, Dr. Cinik, as I close in on booking I would love to hear from some patients who could suggest some world class surgeons from any country as I am willing to travel that can provide a great result for up to $5 USD (whatever that translates to in Euro) But your result and many others I have seen from this clinic is strongly making me pursue Dr. Cinik's office, you you cant beat that price with this kind of result, whether it has tech's working or not, they must be pretty experienced to be producing these results. The experience seems great, I as well will be flying from USA to have my procedure, so it is quite a travel and i will be fighting my fear of flying overseas, because, I want to experience life with a nice hairline! But besides that, congrats man, your hair looks great, anyone could be happy with those results, and if the clinic can give me those results (I am awaiting to hear their guarantee) I cant see why not to book with them as they are an incredible price with incredible results its the deal most are looking for in this business. At the end of the day, we're all looking for an honest job for our honest money, hair is a love we should all be able to enjoy!!!