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  1. I have had a good many online consultations, just haven't booked anyone yet, most for that little bit of fear of flying over the ocean!
  2. When I book I will probably be flying out of Pittsburgh or Baltimore
  3. I have a very similar quality and wave to my hair, I think that looks great!
  4. Squidward


    I mean do you have a closeup of the hairline?
  5. Squidward


    Do you have before and closeups? Thanks looks great!
  6. Squidward

    U.S To Turkey or India

    has anyone gone from US to Turkey or India? I am planning on possibly making the trip but I have never flown over the ocean, just seeing if anyone from US has made this trip to these overseas doctors and can maybe shed some light on their flying experiences and who they flew with, trying to ease some nerves! Just want a safe trip there and back!
  7. Is anyone or has anyone on here or has anyone done a flight from US to Turkey, or even possibly India? I'm just curious of your experience because I've never flown overseas and it has me a bit worried ya know (plane crashes) just want to see if I can get some shedded guiding light on the experience! Thank you all very much!
  8. Squidward


    Thats what Im trying to find, and I cant get anyone to messsage me back with real 1 year results
  9. Squidward


    can you send me some pictures of the first transplant results?
  10. Squidward


    Ok, so, I am not trying to stir up any trouble, this is solely because I have been in contact with Brenda and I am considering a transplant with this Dr. I could be scheduled in the next couple months. My question is this, besides a couple of people, many of the Nader patients have unfinished result posts, some end at 6 months some 7, and It is very very very very rare that I have been able to find a full year result on more than a handful of people (2 or 3 I believe that I've seen on this forum that have final results posted) I see people all over the Nader posts claiming how much they love their results, but these accounts often times when I look them up, this may be their first, and often only post just to chime in an opinion. I am not denying his results because all I hear is good things, but I am not seeing these good things except for in a very minute, often unfinished scale. I have tried reaching out to several of these one time posters to never get a reply. Maybe if anyone is reading this that has had an experience, can PM me and show me some real result, some finished real results, not 6 or 7 months, but a year, 2 years later. I was considering Erdogan, but I am afraid to fly from the US to Turkey over the ocean haha!
  11. So, When I was about 16, I had noticed that I had receding temples, the hairline runs in my family. Now today, I am 29 and I have virtually the same hairline as does my dad, and my pap at the age of 74 when he unfortunately passed had the same hairline. Its a Norwood 3 hairline and it stays there, rest is thick curly hair, with no hairloss on top back or sides, just receded temples so I have wanted a HT for awhile (16 haha) I have been combing the world in search of a Dr. I have decided that I just cant go through with a strip surgery, I like to wear my hair short at times and as I am going into the profession of being a teacher I would like to keep my hair short and neat. This being said, I am hoping I can get some help from experienced members. Does anyone know what the most affordable good result option for FUE in America is? Does anyone have any experience south, such as mexico with any Dr's that have performed satisfying results? I was also looking at Dr's in Turkey, I have never flown overseas and I will be honest going to a new country and flying overseas scares me a little bit, am I just overworrying? I am coming from US, does anyone have any experience flying to turkey from the U.S am I just being over scared? Also, I have seen Dr. Bhatti's work and have been very impressed and his prices are just outstanding, does anyone have any experience flying there from the US that could shed some light on the experience for me? The flying and getting there? Really, I am looking for an affordable option for an FUE procedure, so, Any help is appreciated, I just cant seem to find an affordable option on it in the U.S, unless anyone knows otherwise. Thank you, excited to finally be hopefully doing this!!!!!!!!!
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