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  1. So, I am about to book my procedure hopefully for January or February of next year, so I figured it would be a good time to start getting everything together, it will be my first time travelling out of the country, so what all is it I will need?
  2. I have seen some different thoughts on this, my last talk was with Dr. Nadimi where she said her dense packing was 40/50 per sq cm, now, I see some of these overseas Dr.'s going and achieving successful much higher most of the time atleast 60 cm per sq cm, thoughts?
  3. Squidward

    FUT is more popular than FUE

    There is a top cut and a bottom cut in a FUT procedure, how many of those precious grafts are being transected, if morally done under a microscope FUE would be done without this, each graft is individually punched, where is the comparison? I've always wondered when someone takes a scalpel across the back of someone head there is no doubt going to be a lot of hair transected, thats not science, thats common sense, you cant take a knife to the back of someones head given that hair is in a random pattern and expect that a ton of grafts are going to be cut into. given all the hairs that have a sharp scalpel into them does this not make them no longer viable? I have always been curious about this. Also, when a Dr Cuts a chunk out of the back of a head, say you pay for 2500 grafts, and they implant that, if there are more in the strip, are they not also gone to waste if you cant pay for more? With FUE when they are individually extracted cant you get a more accurate number of what you are paying for? I know that everyone says cost should not be a deciding factor but given the cost of a hair transplant, it should be when Dr's can charge as high as 6-10$ for a single graft of hair. Im no scientist, but I do know that variables given in different context of peoples hair if you cut a strip you are always guessing how many follicles would come out of a strip noone is actually counting and if you cut out more than what a person is paying for you are at a loss of that many more follicles, but with FUE atleast you can be a little more accurate on how many are being taken out as they are individually done. I am not trying to argue, but with a strip, that is a guess on the average follicles per sq cm, atleast with FUE they are individually taken and you can be more accurate on the number of grafts being taken and implanted. When the talk is how precious a graft is because they are irreplacable, how can you compare? Yes you can argue that there is transection with FUE, but you are not cutting across an irregular pattern of hair like you do with an FUT. A Dr. can tell you anything they want at the end of the day it is $$ in their pockets. We would like to live in a world where everyone is honest but that is just not the fact. Put a bunch of dots on a piece of paper in an irregular pattern and draw a straight line through it, you are going to hit a lot of those dots, that is an FUT procedure in a nutshell, those dots are your grafts and they are being sliced into. FUT makes the procedure quicker, but noone is going to convince me that the transection rate is less when you can draw it out and see the evidence. Not to mention the stitches or staples that follow that also go into the donor area further damaging the donor site/follicles.
  4. Squidward

    FUT is more popular than FUE

    I showed my girlfriend an operation of FUT and she cringed and asked why anyone would do that. It is barbaric. You are cutting a chunk of FLESH out of somebodies head when you can do a less invasive method of extracting grafts singularly. Dr's are making complete BANK off of hair transplants with some charging up to 10$ per graft, that is insane. It comes down to morals and how rich people feel they need to be. Honestly, if I could perform hair transplant surgery, I would do it making a comfortable living of 40K a year just so people could enjoy their lives without having a chunk of their head cut out and being able to enjoy a full head of hair. Its not fair some people are born and for the rest of their lives enjoying a full head of hair where as other people bald, society demands appearance and Dr's quite literally take advantage of peoples insecurities. No reason in this world a Dr has to make that much money off of other peoples insecurities. Any Dr morally could take the time to perform a surgery FUE, making sure the grafts were properly harvested and placed correctly to insure good growth at a reasonable rate. Money greed is a horrible thing and honestly a shame.
  5. Yeah I'm open to pretty much anything, I wish I had some comparisons to my hair about 13 years ago, cause it hasn't changed, it was like I hit puberty my hair receded and this is where it has been, thats how all the males are in my family are
  6. I believe Erdogans prices are a little over $3 usd aren't they?
  7. Hi, sorry for the quality of the photos, the hair in the pictures is actually pretty wet, just slightly dried with a towel, scalp is probably more noticable due to the double lighting of being right under the lights above my bathroom mirror coupled with flash. The 4th picture down is parted straight out of the shower, the 4th down is kind of giving it a little mess out of the shower, but pictures 1,2, and 3 show my actual recession
  8. So I have been lurking here for a little over a year, made an account finally this year, and I am looking to get a procedure done. For a little bit of background. my family, I mean every male from my grandfather down to me, which includes his 3 sons me and my brother, have a run in the family receding hairline. It stops here as my grandfather when he was still alive, my uncles, my father and my brother all acquire this hairline at a young age. For me it was 16 and it has never progressed, my father it happened around the same age and he still has the same head of hair. My mothers side doesn't really have much of a history of hairloss, so I inherited the good ol' hairline. I have what i would consider decently thick hair and it is quite wavy/curly. All the attatched pictures are towel dried right out of the shower, taken with my camera's flash, underneath the light of my mirror to try to give the harshest light for analysis. What I am trying to accomplish is to close off the receding hairline, so that I can enjoy my days with a nice hairline that I no longer have to hide. I would possibly be interested in lowering just a tad (maybe at MOST 1/2 an inch but even 1/4 would suit me fine.) I dont really mind much of a drastic change because when I am done with college I will be moving away from where I grew up anyways. I am 29 heading into my 30's and I have had the same hairline since highschool, and now it is time, I have been wanting a procedure since I was in highschool, but I waited, I hid my hairline all through highschool and throughout my 20's and now that I'm heading into my 30's I want to know what it feels like to have a nice straight hairline. So, how many grafts given the pictures could one assume I would need? I contacted a few Doctors and have been told anywhere in the ballpark of 1500-2200 grafts. I will be doing FUE as even if I would lose anymore hair throughout my life, I am more than confident that it will be minimal at best given my family history of hairloss. Price is not the deciding factor, but it is still a factor when there are surgeons that are doing excellent FUE's for around $3 USD. I have a fear of flying, I would much prefer to keep it in the states for fear of flying overseas, but I am not opposed to it if I cant find the right deal here, many people make the trip every year with no problems, I am just an overthinker and an over worrier. I would like to think that I am not a super advanced case, but I am no expert on this and many here have way more experience than myself. But I have followed many peoples posts on here, and heading into my 30's I am looking to gain the confidence I never had throughout my teens and 20's, I always swore my 30's would be better and it starts here. Any input is welcome and much much much appreciated, thanks!
  9. Could someone maybe PM me his prices?
  10. cant wait to see!
  11. 7th month picture?!
  12. Can you please PM me about your flight that you booked and how long it took etc, I would seriously appreciate it
  13. You flew to turkey for your evaluation?
  14. I have had a good many online consultations, just haven't booked anyone yet, most for that little bit of fear of flying over the ocean!