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  1. @superflash definitely I wouldn't go to Cinik for a crown work after my experience.
  2. Yes I notice that, how overly enthusiastic are Cinik's patients. And if you share your negative experience they jump on you. Actually I even didn't wanted to share photos on the site but when people were telling me that I am a fake account, that was the only reason I put some photos.
  3. That's fine even if it's a person counting, as long as they counting. Yeah you have to wait now few months. I hope you recover well from the surgery. Yeah I agree Going to Turkey it's a lottery, they are some very happy customers and they are very bad results as well. But I hope you will have the best possible result mate.
  4. So that's good Giastro. I am happy they are improving but did you see a machine counting the grafts or person was counting the grafts? Just curious. How is your recovering going on after the surgery?
  5. Not all of them Bill. Don't push it because a lot of people had a bad experience with Dr. Cinik.
  6. Of course it is a guess. They don't count the grafts. I am patient of Dr. Cinik. They didn't count it. And after the unsuccessful surgery with dr. Cinik I went to a different doctor and there was a machine counting the grafts.
  7. Same happened to me, 99,99 % of the reason I went for a hair transplant was to fix my Crown and instead he started to draw the front line ( and even the front result was not good) and the crown the result well... there was no result, depleted my best donor are (behind the ears 👂) where the hair is the healthiest. Very very poor survival grafts, less than 10 % maybe. I will never recommend him. I agree, his 10 year guarantee is Bullshit.
  8. @superflash it's been almost 3 year since my hair procedure. Dr. Cinik told me that I should expect very good results, if I had good results I was gonna go back to Dr. Cinik.
  9. Well thanks pjms but after almost no grow at all, I wouldn't go to this "free" surgery. With 4000 grafts I didn't achieve much, this "free" surgery is not really free because we have very limited donor area. Anyway I went somewhere else for 2nd surgery and I am happy with my crown. Are you 3 months post op now?
  10. My surgery was in Jan 2017 ( almost 3 years ago.) "Your evaluation was to 100 % filled crown also?" - REALLY pjms ? Did you see my before and after horrible/disaster result? I didn't expect to fill crown the first time, but expected to see some result, If I had "some" result "maybe maybe" I will go there again, BUT there is no result at all. Yeah I contacted the clinic, I even met the doctor, and he was keep telling me "my friend for my brother we had to do it 3 times". I told him you already put 4000 grafts and that's a lot and there is no result at all, and even fthe hair line doesn't look good,where you gonna take hair from? Ooh you have a little bit left, but we will take from the beard too for the crown? I asked other doctors about taking grafts from the beard and everyone is telling me that is not good to use the beard grafts for the crown part. For other parts of the head yes. Dr. Cinik was keep changing his opinion, first he told me that I need 1000 grafts for the crown, then he said I need 2000 grafts for the crown, how to trust this guy again? After 4000 grafts waisted grafts would you go back? There is almost no hair ( 2000 grafts only The crown and even in front 2000 very weak? I told you what to do with certificate earlier before right, with all the respect. Yes I have 10 year certificate guarantee, but when he messed up big time with a large number of 4000 grafts would you go back? I gave him already one chance, and he messed up big time P.S.- your crown definatelly looks better. How many grafts they put?