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  1. I have heard many people sharing Payam's concerns about the four over 2,500 grafts each surgeries done simultaneously by Dr Koray Erdogan and the multiple technicians, he is just the most vocal about it on this forum. The people I met in Istanbul were similarly concerned and surprised about it. His hair evolution is a different topic and we should be able to separate both. I think we all agree about five months being too early to judge the results. I believe that that's a different story and could be successful and satisfying regardless of his concerns about the doctor and Asmed clinic. EDIT: Mick50, I sent you a PM, thanks for the information.
  2. Mick50, I would like to see those new photos. I am happy that density improved for you. Payam, if you can, post those photos with dry hair and not just the sides but front with hair pushed backwards. You are at month fifth right now so there is still room for improvement. Nothing in my case worth mentioning but a quick update. Today is the 14th day, reddish in recipient area was gone on day 7, now it is somewhat pinkish. I haven't shed yet but hair started to curl a little bit, I'm not sure what it means, but now it's no longer like a hedgehog. I am Caucasian with slightly wavy hair when it's longer. EDIT: The new photo is a bit dark but your hair looks awesome there. What was your doctor?
  3. We are here to support you but we need better photos where the full front and/or sides are shown. Because your hair is long you can push it backwards or tie it back so we can see. Best wishes.
  4. Okay so basically you wait six weeks before buzzing the recipient area, for protecting grafts I assume, and then you'd keep the hair short until it all is uniform. Thanks for the tips. I wasn't sure how long you have to wait until buzzing the recipient area. I wonder if anyone is playing with different tricks.
  5. For us the real pain was in the donor area during the first week. Of course FUE can be "1" and even 0 once the anesthesia is working. If they did it without anesthesia you would have died, macho man. Just kidding.
  6. Months after Payam, we also had surgery done the same day the four of us, they were not small operations, all of us have above 2,500 grafts each and the following day it was the same. One of the guys I've met had a woman doing the incisions but he doesn't want to say his name as he thinks he might need to go back for follow-up or touch-up in the future. Some people don't want to talk about this openly but they do privately and obviously I respect their anonymity.
  7. Yeah but despite that doctors always tell you not to take coffee and not to smoke... It seems that smoking and drinking coffee affect blood pressure.
  8. Yeah I missed coffee too but at least we could have tea which is also nice.
  9. Are you going to update with photos? I think that the result in month 9 is natural, including the hairline. It frames your face well. You found a nice hairstyle which also looks natural. The hairline design and hairline density which are the most important things in my opinion look great. The density on the sides may not be optimal but it's uniform, that's why I am curious about more recent photos. Besides, it seems that you get the photographs taken professionally, they are so good. Nice reading, too.
  10. I have NW3 and had FUE done recently. I have been seeing different haircuts and hairstyles right after FUE. Obviously, the best ones are the rare unshaven cases where you can have a perfectly natural hair covering the recipient area. But for those that are shaven FUE patients (most of us), I think that you only have two options: 1. You can keep your hair really short until the recipient area looks like the rest of your scalp so you don't have random hairs showing up. 2. You can let your native hairs grow and comb them forwards like an unshaven FUE patient would do since the beginning so you cover the recipient area with them. I would like to know how long do you have to wait for shaving your head after FUE so the first option is totally safe. I am wondering if people have tried the second option, how does it look?
  11. Any updates for >18 months? I am curious about the very front which is the only part that could use some improvement according to the photos. And congratulations!
  12. What is the hair thickness if you know? I checked the first post but didn't see it. You are already blooming in month 3 so great news for you! Everybody will want to see your results because of the huge recipient area, I know I want to see them but it's going to take a long while.
  13. Hey mate, my scabs also fell off quite quickly. Now we have to be ready for shedding. We'll keep in touch. One thing that we should add to the list is that patients should not drink any coffee or alcohol days before and after the surgery. Eleven days later and I still haven't drunk any alcohol.
  14. I think that you are asking Payam but I can share with you my own experience because all I know for sure is about the day I had my HT done and I don't want to make up anything. That day there were three other guys that had the surgery done at the same time so four that day simultaneously and, yes, I only saw the doctor for the incisions.
  15. This is one of my reflections on my thread. It's something that some doctors do several times a day but for each of us is a lifetime investment not only money but most importantly grafts. Sure, Dr Koray Erdogan is very confident and everything looks to be extremely well-organised at his clinic but the other guys I've met shared the same concerns. I understand that he needs technicians, that's something most FUE doctors require and it makes sense because there is work involved for each follicle and on top of that they also need to keep them alive, but do the technicians have to learn by practising on real patients like some people have suggested on this forum and potentially ruining the patient's life? Why doesn't he even do the incisions when he is too busy because of his workload like another patient told me? Why is he only present for doing the incisions, because he does four surgeries at the same time? In my opinion and it seems that many other respected people agree, he should be more involved with each patient because each surgery is something really important for each patient, no matter how well-organised the clinic is. I trust the doctor that I chose and hoping for the best possible result but I believe that the doctor should be more involved with his patients and that the technicians shouldn't carry out the biggest part of the surgery on their own. I also believe that having more than a surgery done at the same time with just one doctor around is too risky. These things you don't read about on their website nor are explained to you at all, it's not something that the patient should actively research about either when they are already choosing a renowned doctor that should have the highest standards and that doesn't involve technology alone.