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  1. Those are high-quality photos. I like the hairline! Yeah, you could use some more density but you still have some months ahead of you before you reach the first year. The progress has been really good this far. I am happy for you.
  2. Thanks for sharing with us your photos. So seven months, right? I like how your hair looks from the sides but can you show also the front with the hair pushed backwards?
  3. That is a beautiful hair you have there and the receding hairline is no more. I'm so happy for you.
  4. @SquidwardYes, Asmed also wrote me an email explaining that the guarantee is 90% of survival rate and that they believe that most of the times the survival rate is higher. That is one of the reasons why I chose them. If you get +90% survival rate you get a great result (at worst 10% fewer grafts which shouldn't be too bad) and if you don't get 90% they fix it for you. So @Payam, think about this, you have that guarantee too, but I assume that you have to wait one year for that.
  5. However, Melvin, your hairline is great. I know you had more than one surgery, I have checked your threads, but the reason why Payam is dissatisfied is because of the low density in the hairline. As everyone says, hopefully it improves in the next months as the final result is expected one year after the HT. If one year later he still looks like this he would need a touch up for his hairline to be nice.
  6. You still have around six more months for density improvement (one year mark). Are you feeling better now?
  7. I understand. Do not worry then. My head was shaved two months ago before the HT and I am still waiting a bit longer before I go to the hairdresser's so he has longer hair to work with, but I don't think I'll wait until the native hair is long enough to style it forwards. We'll see.
  8. For seven months it looks pretty good considering your hair loss. It looks uniform, perhaps you even get extra density in the coming months!
  9. The density is obviously low, but I don't know how much progress you can expect after the fifth month, people that had their HT done over a year ago will be able to tell. I had it just two months ago.
  10. Did you shave your head just five days after the HT? It's been two months for me and I still haven't touched anything. I would like to style it forwards and after a year has passed by backwards, but it's still too short for anything.
  11. I have read that it is better to use it twice a week even if it's 1%? Why three times a week?
  12. It looks like you had diffuse NW4-something. I am not an expert but it looks like good progress, but it should thicken up and/or have a bit more density in the coming months, keep us posted.
  13. I haven't been around here but I will read you guys in the following days. I like this result very much, Schwelm. For me my goal is to be able to comb my hair backwards. If the hairline and density are fine then you are able to do that. You are living proof that that is possible with a good hair transplant because you are able to comb your hair backwards and it looks fine after 6 months. That is what I want for myself. You can do any hairstyle now as far as I can see. So people say you can't expect your HT to look as good as before you had a receding line and I disagree, I have seen cases like this where it looks natural and the density is enough to comb the hair backwards. This is my goal and only if I get it I'll be satisfied because I was NW 3-ish before it. Your hair doesn't look artificial at all, look at men without HT done, the hairline is not always a perfect shape even if the hair itself looks perfect. After six months you already look great, in my opinion.
  14. I have heard many people sharing Payam's concerns about the four over 2,500 grafts each surgeries done simultaneously by Dr Koray Erdogan and the multiple technicians, he is just the most vocal about it on this forum. The people I met in Istanbul were similarly concerned and surprised about it. His hair evolution is a different topic and we should be able to separate both. I think we all agree about five months being too early to judge the results. I believe that that's a different story and could be successful and satisfying regardless of his concerns about the doctor and Asmed clinic. EDIT: Mick50, I sent you a PM, thanks for the information.
  15. Mick50, I would like to see those new photos. I am happy that density improved for you. Payam, if you can, post those photos with dry hair and not just the sides but front with hair pushed backwards. You are at month fifth right now so there is still room for improvement. Nothing in my case worth mentioning but a quick update. Today is the 14th day, reddish in recipient area was gone on day 7, now it is somewhat pinkish. I haven't shed yet but hair started to curl a little bit, I'm not sure what it means, but now it's no longer like a hedgehog. I am Caucasian with slightly wavy hair when it's longer. EDIT: The new photo is a bit dark but your hair looks awesome there. What was your doctor?