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  1. No, he does everything by hand. It isn't a clinic, just one doc who does all the operations
  2. He only does FUE I believe. I don't know if he has the capability of doing FUT but they never mention it. He did Brian Urlacher's hair transplant.
  3. Thanks for all the responses! I realized the pics look a little worse than it actually is since it is in the worst possible lighting. I would say I have more hair than when HTsoon before his first transplant. I have considered getting about 3500 FUE grafts for the hairline and mid head then consealing the crown area with Toppix like I have done in the past, until I can do a second operation of perhaps another 3500 session. The doc I did a consult with said it would take 2 days to do 3500 FUE. So, unless I am lacking perspective it seems 7000 FUE would work to get results similar to HTsoon's which I would be satisfied with. I attached a better pic in more neutral lighting.
  4. I'm 30 years old and have been losing my hair since my early 20s. I use Nizoral everyday, 1%. I dont do any DHT blockers. I'm looking at getting a transplant but I don't know if my hair loss is too advanced to be worth it. How many grafts do you think I will need to have the illusion of full coverage with the recessions filled in? I was told I have excellent donor hair with 8000 + available before any noticeable thinning in donor region. I have fine light blonde hair which makers it even harder to see. Ive attached photos
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