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  1. I've been so not relaxed, I work full time and when I have time off all I think of is this issue.. the reason I am scared of hair loss is because girls like guys with hair.. nobody wants a bald loser I'm 22 years old, this is supposed to be the prime of my life but instead of pouring pounds of minoxidil in my hair and shoving pills down mr throat that may or may not break my dick like I just don't get it why this had to happen to me.. how old are u when u got ur transplant? Next year? Without me taking propecia I don't even see my hair lasting that long.. but the sides are what are holding me back.. I just barely have time to see a doctor.. like a real one? Or a hair doctor? If it's a hair one.. like do I just show up to any random one? What can they honestly tell me.. I just don't see what they can do.. what is PRP? Will this solve baldness? I feel like my hair is just thinning more and more every single day but I can't allow myself to take a pill that might fuck me.. can 1 my every other day fix sides? A 5mg once a week? There has to be SOMETHING I can do.. I refuse to believe even the guys with no sides don't have the lack of erection strength and the watery semen and the zero morning erections.. it just doesn't add up to me. These numbers make no sense.. why would I get ED sides 5 years in randomly? What can I honestly do.. I'm getting desperate
  2. I thank you for being so understanding with me.. this has been so stressful to me for as long as I can remember.. I just don't want to be bald even since I was a teenager and I just don't want to give it all up now.. at 22 years old.. it's like.. there has to be SOMETHING I can do.. is lowering doses effective? How effective? Like.. maybe if I had some examples of it working out that it can help me make this decision.. are there people you've talked to on here or known who had effects lowered the doses and were ok? As bad as my effects were.. I feel like as scared as I am I don't want to be bald that bad.. haha.. its just girls have always liked my hair and like.. I don't think I'd look good bald at all.. nobody I've talked to can see it.. I just don't want to live in that world and for 5 years before these random sides.. the pill was the only relief I had.. now I just don't know what to do. I don't even have a primary doctor yet and telling them who has no hair experience they'll just tell me to go off it like it's nothing.. I just want a way around this. I know you don't know what you can tell me and I know everyone's different.. but I feel like I need some kind to guidance I'm praying someone who's been in a similar situation can give me. You know? I'm lost
  3. So if Finasteride is the best option for me.. how much do you honestly recommend in my situation that I take? I heard a study that taking finasteride even at lower doses still has the exact same affect on the body.. I actually read a article claiming that 0.5 mg of finasteride still has the same effect as a 1mg tablet and even at smaller doses to reduce DHT.. I pray and hope that isn't exactly true.. I can't imagine a hair loss clinic doctor would tell me not to continue propecia at 22.. if there were new and other options besides this pill I'm sure people wouldn't take it, it feels like a waste of time. I also find it extremely hard to believe people on this pill aren't suffering some effect of SOME KIND, even with a libido the lack of morning erections and watery semen has to be a guarantee.. I find it very hard to believe even people who have success aren't suffering at some level.. even before my sides I know I did. Is It common for random sides to develop out of nowhere? Because for 5 years ish it was nothing major now my libido issues come out nowhere.. I just don't get why like why did this happen to me? And my hair isn't thick I just have a lot of it and it's not like majorly receded it's just always been thin all over which I think is worse because if I do get a hair transplant someday I can't see my donor being strong.. you can see that in my pics.. honestly I don't know what I should do? Take this hormonal plunge all over again? Allow my hormones to go crazy with changes? Is that even good for you.. I can't imagine it would. I just don't want these sides to come back again and ruin my life.. than I'd be a bald loser with a broken dick.. imagine.. so scary. Should I take 1mg every other day? Monday Wednesday Friday? A 5mg once a week? What's the best option.. I honestly don't know. I know you probably don't either.. but are there any guys you've heard made this change and kept libido? I just don't want weak erecrions snd completely watery semen all over again.. this seems like I can't win.. what do you recommend I should do honestly?
  4. I did forget my login info to that account, I also wanted to delete that thread and make a new one better explaining my situation and showing my pictures.. but there was no option to delete it last time I was logged in.. I would rather have this thread than the other one.. my information wasn't explained as well. It was a mess.. I would rather have one topic regardless I just don't know to get the other one removed.. the only thing I can really do right now is lower my propecia dose.. I haven't taken it since January 8th but my extreme concern is that my previous sides would return and be 30x worse if it came to that.. and that makes me wanna jump out my window. Like.. how much should I even try to take? Half a pill? Everyday? Once every few days? A 5mg pill once a week? I just don't wanna put a poison back into my body and risk even worse sides.. my overall libido and erections and semen quality have improved amazingly.. I wouldn't say I'm 100% better but I'm a good 65%.. and that's good but now my hair just keeps receding slowly in the front.. and the temples.. what should I do?
  5. What's up.. I've been taking proepcia since I was 17 years old along with Rogaine and Regenpure.. that's been my regimen. I'm 22 now.. I took this propecia pill for 5 years 1mg a day everyday.. since I was 17 with little to no side effects besides no morning erections and watery semen.. I turned 22 oct 2nd of 2016.. as the months went on I felt like my penis wasn't working like it should.. my erections seemed much weaker.. I stopped being hard during sex twice with my girlfriend.. stimulation couldn't even bring it back up.. it was a disaster.. there were just times I could feel literally during sex my penis getting less and less hard.. that scared me. in the back of my mind I was thinking about the time it happened before and I think it made it happen so that wasn't fun.. it crushed me.. I was convinced it was mental but obviously that plays into it to.. it's been so hard.. then I contributed it more to propecia and obviously after that I just had to quit.. I don't get why 5 years later it's becoming a issue? I haven't taken propecia since January 9th.. my overall libido has improved but my hair doesn't seem to be.. there attached in my attachments.. being concerned like anybody else's would I decided to get blood work done.. those results are also in the attachments.. Basically propecia has kept my hair at a pause.. not to thin and not to thick forever now.. what concerns me is... having been off it for basically a month I can see my hairs starting to shrink and recede in the front and that's ruining my confidence.. I'm terrified to start propecia again and have libido issues.. and I'm even more terrified to let my hair go.. I don't know what to do.. are my levels normal? I don't know.. that's why I'm reaching out.. note this test was taken some time off of propecia recently.. I don't know what to do.. should I try Monday Wednesday Friday propecia? Can a once a week 5mg propecia solve my issues? Can once a week maybe twice keep my hair but my ED away? I don't get why this is happening to me now.. But what if that starts up my ED again.. what if that ruins the recovery I've been making off the pill.. I don't want permanent ED.. I'm only 22.. I don't want to lose my hair either.. is there anything I can do to keep my hair and not have ED? Why is this random ED happening now..?* I just want to live a normal life.. rogaine and regenepure and propecia is all I've been doing.. but recently it's been minus the propecia.. I don't want to lose my hair but I don't know what else to do.. I'm so lost.. is taking this pill anymore worth the risk? I don't want to watch 5 years of effort be wasted.. What should I do?
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