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  1. Yes from a previously bald area. Medication same pharmacy as usual. I'm not trying to convince anybody, and if you're doubtful I understand. I'm wondering if anybody has additional insight or advice based on what I'm seeing and it sounds like there isn't an explanation I'm missing and, for better or worse, this shouldn't happen and wait and seeing is the only option.
  2. No scalp conditions. Yes, I've seen those posts. Hair shedding as part of a natural cycle would make sense except the usual growth phase is like 8 years, not just 15 months after the last time they shed post-transplant. It does feel like something triggered them to fall out, I'm just baffled as to what that could be and worried about whether I'll get them all back. And if I did something "wrong" I'd like to know what it is so I could avoid it in the future.
  3. I guess don't know for certain it's only the new hairs that are shedding but there's definitely no obvious thinning anywhere except that new frontal virgin-ish hairline (which, yes, I suppose was thinner to start with than the rest by default) I'd say it went from giving the illusion of full-ish to clearly looking thinning, as if, say, a total of 25% just vanished. He did take some from the upper neck, lower base of head area which is the less safe zone but this person is also an undisputed expert so I assume he knew what he was doing there. Also, if there were impacted by DHT I wouldn't think they'd fall out all around the same period of time? Wouldn't they gradually thin like regular baldness?
  4. Had a 1700 frontal third FUE with a very-very respected doc on these forums 15 months ago. Yes I’m on fin and minoxidil and have been for years. Then a few weeks ago I suddenly started shedding transplanted hair and it’s still going on. I’m freaking out. At first I thought maybe the so-called seasonal shed, but it seems like far too much for that -- there's one temple that went from being pretty filled in to hardly anything there. Doc says to wait a few months and see if it grows back which is indeed all I can do. But I’m just wondering if anybody has had anything like this happen. I’ve been trying to think of things I could have done to trigger a hair resting phase (like, I went into a tanning bed for 10 minutes last month). Even if there was something, why would it just impact transplanted hairs? Shouldn’t they be stable as regular hair after a whole year? I was just getting to the point where I felt like I was “done” and then this happens. I know some of you will be like “post photos” but I rather not do that and this is not about the overall result. Any advice or thoughts appreciated. Thank you
  5. Sorry guys, I don't remember the specifics of the post, was a while ago.
  6. Sorry let me clarify that: When I wrote about avoiding shedding the transplanted hair, I meant the hair transplanted from the first HT that's now grown in (but is technically not native)...obviously the newly transplanted hair would shed....
  7. Something I’ve been wondering in general: Is it possible to get a density pass that’s so modest — like 200 grafts for the frontal third — that you can do it unshaven and with the new hairs spaced out enough so it doesn’t trigger a full-on inflammatory response that results in weeks of redness and shedding your existing native and transplanted hair? Basically a second HT without going through the nightmarish ugly duckling stage. Is that possible or unrealistic?
  8. Not a question, but a potential answer for those enduring post-op redness. I'm like 6 weeks post-up and had lingering redness that didn't seem to be getting any better. Tried witchhazel, aloe, cortisone, moisturizer. Nothing helped at all and most made it worse. Then a former girlfriend recommended something for helping cover it up for a dinner I had to go to, called Dr. Jart's Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment from Sephora, which is basically like this green sunblock. I gave it a try and it was good at reducing the appearance of redness because the green combines with red skin to give the appearance of brown. But the far bigger surprise was the next morning after I showered and all the stuff was off and my skin was literally less red too, and moreso the next couple days after I used it again. I would never suggest this stuff for somebody who was a week or two post-op as it's got a long list of ingredients in it and who knows what they all do. And I'm not saying this for certain it is helping heal me faster. Maybe I was getting better suddenly on my own and it's a coincidence. But at minimum this is good for the appearance of redness as a cover up if your skin tone falls within a certain range, and it certainly didn't make me any more inflammed unlike everything else I tried. So I'm just offering this up as I know how totally frustrating dealing with this is and wish I had found it a few weeks sooner.
  9. Actually I would think the red circle area is where it would look good to have a thinning look, especially as you get older, but I’m all for being conservative. As for graft direction, somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think you can really tell at this early stage how they’re gonna look after they fully shed and regrow? Bc you’re not seeing the direction of the grafts but rather the hairs which have been moved and messed with so... I have another offline thought, fake name, if you want to ping me directly, you have PM turned off
  10. so if somebody is sitting next to you, can they tell it's not real stubble? do they look at it?
  11. Not sure why I'm even weighing in here, but here's a different POV than the two sides I keep reading... -- FUE seems to get great results when things go well in the hands of the right doctor. If I do a procedure, it's gonna be FUE. -- It's probably inaccurate -- and is certainly not very polite -- to assume Feller or Bloxham are deliberately giving misinformation out of some intricate greedy and lazy scheme. None of us know their private thoughts. And the real lazy and greedy thing to do, actually, is to push procedures for whoever wants them regardless of your own reservations and just have techs do most of the work, cheerlead surgery and watch the money roll in. My read on all this is that Feller totally believes what he's saying. He says we're all skewed by the rare good results posted online...well, perhaps he's a tad skewed by being a guy that patients with bad FUE results come to for help. But I don't think he's wading into the online chaos over and over again because he secretly doesn't believe his own position and thinks that he can somehow make more money by criticizing a hugely popular procedure. And in any case, it's not necessary to question a doctor's sincerity and morality just because we may disagree with his position. Just my .02
  12. Docs like Konior and Wesley claim their FUE yield is actually the same at this point as their FUT results. Is there any evidence that for top docs this is not the case?
  13. Probably impossible for people to know if swimming had an impact on their results months later after since they don't have a twin who had same procedure without swimming. But just as a disinterested third party I'd vote to wait. You're trying to get hair to live and sprout in their new home so give them every advantage and don't submerge them in chlorine.